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Marijuana Consumers Aren't Hard-core Partiers, They Really Just Want to Sleep

Marijuana Consumers Aren’t Hard-core Partiers, They Just Want to Sleep

Marijuana Consumers Aren’t Hard-core Partiers, They Just Want to Sleep

Contrary to the image of stoners being party animals, it turns out that many marijuana consumers just want to go to sleep. New data from Consumer Research Around Cannabis found that only pain relief equaled sleep as a reason for using marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Patient Responds to Utah Medical Association

Medicinal Marijuana Advocate Responds to Utah Medical Association

A medical marijuana organization in Utah is speaking out after the state’s medical association said pot does not have medicinal value, according to Good4Utah.com, the website of Salt Lake City’s ABC affiliate. The Utah Medical Association held a press conference on Jan. 17, 2017, to say marijuana is not a medicine.

older Americans

In States With Medical Pot, Older Americans Healthier, More Likely to Work

Researchers at John Hopkins University and Temple University have discovered a correlation between older Americans’ workforce participation and states that have passed medical marijuana laws. Older Americans also show better overall health in those states, according to an Oct. 4, 2016, post on The Washington Post’s Wonkblog.

Hometowne Rx

Leonard Marshall Partners With Hometowne RX For Cannabis-Based Medicine

Leonard Marshall, former defensive end for the New York Giants, has partnered with a small pharmacy chain in New Jersey to make cannabis-based medicines if the state legalizes pot, according to an article in the New York Daily News. Aisha Bhatti, director of pharmacy for Hometowne Rx, said her company is “watching the trends” with legalization.