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Medical Marijuana Delivered Directly to Customers From Eaze

Medical Marijuana Delivered Directly to Customers From Eaze

As California’s medical marijuana industry has grown to an $800 million dollar business, one company is hoping to take advantage of that by delivery the product directly to the customer.

5 Pot Stocks to Watch Now

5 Pot Stocks to Watch Now

Forward-thinking investors are already plotting seven-figure weed windfalls with the top pot stocks from every ecosystem. You see, there’s more to the marijuana industry than just selling cannabis. There are a lot of ways to profit from legal recreational and medical marijuana sales.

4 Best Marijuana Stocks to Play the Green Rush

4 Best Marijuana Stocks to Play the Green Rush

Marijuana sales has the potential to greatly add to government’s treasury as well, and it will be immensely helpful in medical fields. Nowadays, it is also easier for banks for provide services for legal marijuana businesses.


Tradiv Scores $1 Million in Seed-Stage Funding

Tradiv.com announced on Thursday that it had completed its $1 million seed-stage round of funding. The round was led by investors TL Partners, Poseidon Asset Management, and Anslinger Capital. After pitching to the ArcView Group’s Investor Network, Tradiv was approached by investors who like the online, wholesale, B2B marketplace idea.

CLS Labeling Practices

The Future of Labeling in the Legal Cannabis Industry

With legalization happening on a state-by-stay basis and no overarching regulatory agency to devise and implement national standards for labeling, the torch has to be picked up by manufacturers.


Why Branding is Vital for Cannabis Startups

Applying traditional marketing techniques in the emerging cannabis industry makes some new business owners cringe. In a marketplace that evolved quickly and is accustomed to relying on word-of-mouth as a primary marketing strategy, tactical brand building can seem daunting.


The Good and Not So Good: Cannabis Regulations and Standardization

In trying to win support to end the United States’ 70-year prohibition of cannabis, legislators across the country, particularly in the east, have enacted stringent laws and regulations to control the growing, production and distribution of the medicine.