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Standards Could Get Professional Treatment with ASTM's Cannabis Committee

Standards Could Get Professional Treatment with ASTM’s Cannabis Committee

Standards Could Get Professional Treatment with ASTM’s Cannabis Committee

You’ve found a strain that you love and it’s available at your local dispensary, but do you know under what conditions it was grown or how it was handled when infused into your favorite edible? Maybe the budtender guarantees you’ve selected a quality product, but you may soon be empowered beyond blind trust as the next level of universal standards are on the horizon.


Life After Legalization: Stephen Goldner Leads the Way to FDA

When FDA barriers change, regulations deal fortune to some and hardship to others. On March 4, 2016, at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco, Stephen Goldner, Senior Forensic Toxicologist at Quantum 9, a cannabis consulting and technology firm, addressed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s role in regulating the cannabis industry in life after legalization.


36 Days Until Stephen Goldner Explores Life After Legalization

Stephen Goldner, a forensic toxicologist at Quantum 9, a cannabis consulting and technology firm, will be discussing life after legalization at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco this March.

outreach and dispensaries

Patient Advocacy and Community Outreach Drive Successful Dispensaries

One of the most important components of the marijuana industry is the dispensary. Since marijuana can’t ship (legally) through the post office, and since laws in most states are at best vague about delivery services, the best way to sell legal marijuana is in a building, usually called a dispensary.


Entrepreneurs Enter the Green Rush with Technology

If most of the money during the Gold Rush was made from ancillary businesses, then technology is one of the most important ancillary sectors to look at in the Green Rush. The technology panelists at the Marijuana Investor Summit in Denver had plenty of experience among them.

heliospectra solutions

Heliospectra Offers Solutions Beyond Lighting

With the advent of legal medical and recreational marijuana, growers and their backers are looking to optimize output in an attempt to capture market share. Within this, there also is an effort to solve the marijuana industry’s environmental issues.

Quantum 9

Quantum 9 is cannabis consulting and technology organization. Areas of expertise include permit acquisition, employee training and process optimization. Quantum 9’s patent pending technology helps clients stay state compliant while optimizing all areas of cultivation and retail operations.


CannaBusiness 101: Know in Order to Grow

The National Cannabis Industry Association presented the Cannabis Business Summit last week, June 24-25, in Denver. The two-day business conference featured inventors, investors, growers and experts on cannabis cultivation, who have been given pass from the underground through the legalization and legitimization of the cannabis business.


Soil, Sustainability & Sun Illuminate Cannabis Business Summit

DENVER – The honeymoon phase for legal marijuana continues in Colorado. The National Cannabis Industry Association wrapped up its first-ever Cannabis Business Summit on June 25, 2014. The two-day convention, June 24-25, brought cannabis experts, inventors, consultants and investors together in the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.