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NFL Commissioner Says League Sees No Medical Benefit in Marijuana

NFL Commissioner Says League Sees No Medical Benefit in Marijuana

NFL Commissioner Says League Sees No Medical Benefit in Marijuana

In the face of mounting pressure for the National Football League to revise its policy on marijuana use, commissioner Roger Goodell continues to double down on the league’s anti-marijuana stance.

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Cannabis Industry Heavyweights Launch In The Weeds

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Jan. 20, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — A team of cannabis industry leaders is thrilled to announce the launch of In The Weeds, a weekly podcast that explores the places where cannabis and business intersect.


Attention Colorado: Marijuana is Taking Over Your Radio Dial

Colorado sports fans beware: two local sports talk radio stations have switched format to cover marijuana. The first to make the switch is K-HIGH in Colorado Springs, a former Fox Sports affiliate found at 1580 on your AM dial. Hot on K-HIGH’s tracks is Denver’s Smokin 94.1.


Cannabis Radio News: Weekly Update #6

David Friedman, Publisher of the MJINews, discusses the latest cannabis business happenings with CRN’s Brian Bahouth. This week David considers the most important legalization and medical marijuana initiatives before voters this Tuesday.

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Morning Shift: Investors Ready to Cash in on Medical Marijuana Business

We talk about how some Illinois residents plan to invest in Illinois’ medical marijuana business. And, we look at the Illinois Green Party’s attempts at getting on the November ballot. Plus, we chat with one of Chicago’s renowned photographers, John H. White.

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Illinois Begins Accepting Applications for Marijuana Businesses

Illinois officials are now accepting applications for people who want to open a medical marijuana dispensary or cultivation center. The number of licenses are quite limited – only 22 available for cultivation centers and 60 for dispensaries.

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Forgot the Propane? Too Stoned to Drive?

Marijuana is legal to varying degrees in some parts of the country. As a result, through public-service announcements, law enforcement and departments of transportation are taking to the airwaves and billboards across the land to let drivers know they shouldn’t drive stoned.

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Outside the Box: Businesses Creating New Markets

On this edition of Tomorrow’s Business Today, David Friedman from [MJI News] reveals new ways to invest outside the box. Also joining the program are Adam Justice and Mike Justice from ConnectSense who chat about new developments in Security apps.