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CPAC 2018 Debate: Pot or Not?

CPAC 2018 Debate: Pot or Not?

CPAC 2018 Debate: Pot or Not?

Take a look this debate from this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Is legalizing marijuana a smart move for the states?


Norton Elated That Republican Senate D.C. Appropriations Bill Contains No Anti-Home-Rule Riders for Third Year in a Row

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The office of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) announced that the Republican Senate fiscal year 2018 District of Columbia appropriations bill does not contain any anti-home-rule riders.

Virginia Lawmaker Preparing Bill for Marijuana Decriminalization

Virginia Lawmaker Preparing Bill for Marijuana Decriminalization

A Virginia lawmaker says he’s working on a bill to decriminalize marijuana. The Virginian-Pilot reported Monday that Senate majority leader Tommy Norment does not support full legalization of the drug. But the Republican said possessing it would be a civil offense subject to a ticket or a fine.

GOP Congressman Wants Trump to Help Legalize Medical Marijuana

GOP Congressman Wants Trump to Help Legalize Medical Marijuana

Rep. Matt Gaetz has been in Congress for less than a year, but the Florida Congressman has already become one of the House’s foremost leaders working to reform federal marijuana policies. Just one problem: GOP leadership doesn’t seem especially interested in giving the issue a fair shake.

Wisconsin Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Introduced by Republican

Wisconsin Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Introduced by Republican

On May 30, 2017, a Republican state legislator joined a group of three democrats to introduce a Wisconsin marijuana decriminalization bill, but admitted that the bill’s passing would be unlikely.

North Carolina Marijuana Legalization Garners Major Voter Support

North Carolina Marijuana Legalization Garners Major Voter Support

According to a recent poll published by Elon University, North Carolina marijuana legalization is gaining momentum, with more than half of the state’s citizens ready to legalize the plant for medicinal purposes.

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Senate Judiciary Committee Holding Confirmation Hearings on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General This Week

In a statement sent to Senate offices today the Drug Policy Alliance urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. The committee is holding confirmation hearings on Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Former GOP Congressman State Finance Director Tom Campbell Endorses Prop 64

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 18, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Today, Tom Campbell, the respected former Republican Congressman and legislator, former Director of the California Department of Finance under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger officially endorsed Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

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Marijuana Policy Project Updates Guide to Presidential Candidates, Adds Third Parties

WASHINGTON, May 31, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — On Tuesday, the nation’s largest marijuana policy organization, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), launched an updated presidential candidate voter guide for the general election, which now includes third-party candidates.


Pass or Fail: NORML Grades Members of Congress

On April 20, 2016, NORML, the oldest non-profit public-interest legalization organization, released its 2016 Congressional Scorecard, assigning members of Congress letter grades ‘A’ through ‘F’ based upon their marijuana-related voting records and comments in 2015.


Marijuana Policy Project Grades Republican Candidates

In anticipation of the upcoming Republican presidential debate taking place at the University of Colorado Boulder, the Marijuana Policy Project has issued a voter guide that grades presidential candidates on marijuana policy with an A-F score.


US House Votes to Protect Medical Marijuana

On June 3, 2015, The United States House of Representatives voted to reauthorize an amendment that would prevent federal authorities from interfering with medical marijuana businesses in states where the substance is legal.


The Direction of Change in the Empire State

In 2013 New York State Senator Liz Krueger introduced a bill that would have legalized recreational use of marijuana. Krueger, a Democrat representing Manhattan in Albany, plans to re-introduce that act, apparently with some minor changes, in January 2015.

PA Rep. Mike Vereb

State Rep. Mike Vereb Supports Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

LOWER PROVIDENCE — Following a panel discussion on Wednesday at the Lower Providence Township Building, state Rep. Mike Vereb announced his support for a state Senate bill that would allow doctors in Pennsylvania to prescribe medical marijuana to patients.


Daunting Outlook for Alaska

Prospects are starting to look dicey for Ballot Measure 2, which would legalize marijuana in Alaska. Smart Alternatives to Marijuana, the brainchild of legalization foe Kevin Sabet, has seized the advantage, and polls are now running 49 to 44 percent against, a shift from the 55 percent approval rate in early 2014.


2016 RNC Bid: Is Legal Marijuana Denver’s Elephant in the Room?

There’s no escaping Colorado’s status as the poster child for legal recreational marijuana when visitors come to town, even — or especially — when Denver is trying to sell itself as the perfect site for a national political convention.