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Mayors of Some Massachusetts Towns Oppose Marijuana Shops

Mayors of Some Massachusetts Towns Oppose Marijuana Shops

After Massachusetts voters legalized adult-use marijuana on Nov. 8, 2016, mayors in some towns are trying to quell marijuana’s presence by restricting retail outlets. In the town of Methuen, Mass., where 52 percent of the residents voted against legalization, Mayor Stephen Zanni wants to prohibit pot retailers.

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Colorado’s Retail Marijuana Edibles Get New Stamps

In Colorado, a diamond stamp with “! THC” or “! THC M” must appear on edible marijuana products beginning Oct. 1, 2016. The labeling is part of a new round of regulations, including the banishment of the words “candy” and “candies” from packaging of marijuana-based foods, according to an article at The Cannabist.


Proof Is in the Pot: Legal Weed Gives Colorado Business a Boost

New Year’s Day 2014 was the first day Colorado allowed licensed vendors to sell marijuana to anyone 21 years or older, making buying a bag of pot virtually the same as buying a six-pack of beer. Just 24 hours later, the state’s retail marijuana shops, most of which are in the Denver area, surpassed an aggregate $1 million in sales.