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Florida Senator Files Medical Marijuana Bill

Florida Senator Files Medical Marijuana Bill

In an attempt to head off an impending constitutional ballot amendment in 2016, a Florida lawmaker has introduced a bill into the legislature that would legalize medical marijuana in the state.

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Marijuana Reform a Mess in Florida

A medical marijuana bill is on the fast track to move forward in the Florida state legislature. The bill, SB 7066, hopes to fix some of the problematic wording in a 2014 bill, SB 1030, which legalized a low-THC high-CBD strain of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web.

Florida Medical Marijuana

Florida Weaving Charlotte’s Web

The Miami Herald reported on May 1, 2014, that Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) will sign the low-THC “Charlotte’s Web” medical marijuana bill (SB 1030) that the Florida House passed in a landslide vote of 111-7. CBS Miami reports some who might have voted against the bill felt “their hearts were swayed by the stories of parents seeking to help children with severe epilepsy.” Even though the Senate also passed the Bill, the House made some changes that will require the Senate to vote again before the bill goes to Gov. Rick Scott.