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Billionaire Activists Are Fueling the Campaign to Legalize Pot

Billionaire Activists Are Fueling the Campaign to Legalize Pot

Billionaire Activists Are Fueling the Campaign to Legalize Pot

Observers say the outpouring of cash for the initiative is, in part, due to recognition by the national movement against marijuana prohibition that this may be the best chance in years to pass legalization in California, which could spark similar changes in other states.


California Legalization Supporters Outspending Opponents 40 to 1

While California law enforcement officers remain outspoken against marijuana legalization, supporters have outspent opponents 40 to 1, according to a July 31, 2016, article in the Orange County Register. The top five pro-legalization donors have given $6.5 million, versus the top 5 opposing donors, who have given only $159,150.

Public Policy

Public Policy Institute Finds Majority of Californians Favor Legalization

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, 60 percent of likely voters in California support the legalization of recreational marijuana.


California Legalization Initiative Poised to Qualify for 2016 Ballot

On May 4, 2016, organizers behind the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, a ballot initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana in California, announced that they had collected enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.


Napster Co-Founder Backing New Legalization Initiative in California

On Nov. 2, 2015, proponents Michael Sutton and Donald Lyman filed the Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act with the Office of the Attorney General in the state of California’s Department of Justice.

Harborside Health Center and U.S. attorney Oakland and Sean Parker

Author & National Cannabis Pioneer Steve DeAngelo Weighs In On Sean Parker’s Move for Cannabis Legalization In California for 2016

OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 3, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — California is roaring toward legalization efforts in 2016, and the field of initiatives submitted to the state is getting crowded. On Monday billionaire philanthropist Sean Parker, a known disrupter in the music and technology space, announced that he is backing initiative language filed Monday.

Reform CA

Reform CA Files Recreational Initiative

Reform CA recently filed initiative language with the California Attorney General that, with enough support, would put recreational marijuana on the 2016 ballot. The proposed initiative will likely be only one of several alternatives, a scenario causing concern that the fragmentation of support might cause reform to fail again.

Cannabis Clubs

Who is the Marijuana Majority? The influencers may surprise you

Successful people, not just “lazy stoners”, want pot laws to change. That’s the message of new website Marijuana Majority, which displays over 600 influencers including Peter Thiel, Sean Parker, Paul Bucheit, and Dustin Moskovitz who’ve supported marijuana law reform through donations or quotes. Now it wants Twitter’ers to persuade pot-favoring politicians, celebs, and technologists to