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Casino Lobby Wants Clarification on Marijuana Banking Guidance

Casino Lobby Wants Clarification on Marijuana Banking Guidance

Casino Lobby Wants Clarification on Marijuana Banking Guidance

With recreational marijuana now legal in Nevada, home of America’s gambling capital, the casino lobby wants federal marijuana banking guidance on how to deal with money connected to state-legal marijuana markets.


In Nevada, Voters Argue Over Marijuana’s Impact on Kids And The Economy

As Nevadans vote on Question 2, supporters and opponents debate the impact of legalized recreational marijuana on children, while a study predicts the new industry could substantially boost the state’s economy, according to Esquire.com.

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Billionaire Casino Magnate Donates to Fight Legalization in Arizona

A casino magnate has given $500,000 to fight legalization in Arizona. Citing campaign-finance records, New Times of Phoenix reported Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, an anti-legalization group, received the donation from billionaire Sheldon Adelson, CEO and founder of the Las Vegas Sands Corp.

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Nevada Paper Reverses Marijuana Stance After Adelson Purchase

A conservative billionaire has succeeded in pressuring an influential Nevada newspaper to reverse its longtime support for legalizing marijuana — by buying it and then sending its editorial writers to visit a drug treatment facility.

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Drug Free Florida’s Dubious Donors

As it has been mentioned before, Florida will be voting on a constitutional amendment in November that will allow for the sale and use of medical marijuana. With 88 percent of Floridians in support, according to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, the constitutional amendment is expected to pass with overwhelming support. However there are individuals that seek to undermine the will of the people. They are a small, well funded, group called the Drug Free Florida committee and they seek to “educate” Florida about the “dangers” of marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Opponents Gain Money and Allies, Including Billionaire Sheldon Adelson

TALLAHASSEE — Opponents to a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida gained firepower Tuesday when campaign finance records showed that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson had cut a $2.5 million check to bankroll the opposition effort.