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FBI Statistics Show Marijuana Arrests Dropped in 2015

FBI Statistics Show Marijuana Arrests Dropped in 2015

In 2015, U.S. arrests for simple possession of marijuana dropped to their lowest level in 19 years, according to the Washington Post’s Wonkblog. New data from the FBI showed a 7 percent slip between 2014 and 2015, when 574,641 were arrested for simple possession. The 2015 figure sits at the end of a 25 percent slide from 2007.

New York

New York Assembly Votes to Seal Past Convictions For Pot Possession

If you were arrested for simple possession of marijuana in public view while in New York, that part of your criminal record could be sealed. The New York State Assembly voted June 15, 2016, to seal those records with a 99-42 vote including support from both major political parties. Now supporters are hoping the state Senate will pass a complementary bill.

FBI Report

FBI Reports Marijuana Busts Increased in 2014 for First Time Since 2009

According to statistics included in the just-released Uniform Crime Report compiled by the FBI about all crimes in the United States, there were 700,993 marijuana-related arrests made last year, up from 693,058 in 2013.


Washington Law Makes Pot Possession a Felony For Minors

When Washington State legalized recreational marijuana, supporters had hoped that legalization would free law enforcement up to focus on more important crimes, like murder or theft. But unfortunately for marijuana supporters, that dream may remain unsubstantiated as a new law allows police to jail minors.

Philadelphia Decriminalization

Philadelphia to Decriminalize Marijuana

The city of brotherly love has just gotten a lot more loving. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter confirmed that on Monday, September 15, he will sign into law a bill which decriminalizes marijuana. The bill will institute a $25 fine for simple possession of 30 grams or fewer instead of jail time. Once the bill is signed, it will go into effect on October 20.