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Weed Startups Want Social Drinkers to Change Way They Get Buzzed

Weed Startups Want Social Drinkers to Change Way They Get Buzzed

Alcohol companies beware: Cannabis startups are coming for your customers. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California and seven other states, startups are vying with traditional beverage companies for the attention of consumers planning to ingest a social intoxicant.

Cannapreneur Camille McCutcheon

MJIC and Rolling Paper Depot’s Cannapreneur: Camille McCutcheon

I had a chance to interview one of the cannabis industry movers, someone who has been involved in this industry for quite some time. She has co-founded several companies, had her hands in all different kinds of areas during these start-ups and finally through all of that has found her one true passion in the cannabis world. She is an cannapreneur that radiates energy and excitement!

Drones and Self-Driving Cars Can’t Legally Deliver Marijuana in This State

Drones and Self-Driving Cars Can’t Legally Deliver Marijuana in This State

When retail outlets in California finally get permission to start selling recreational marijuana at the start of 2018, thanks to a vote last year, there’s one notable way they won’t be able to deliver the drug—by drone.

Spring 2018 Application

Canopy Announces Demo Days & Investor Events for Spring 2017 Business Accelerator Cohort

BOULDER, Colo., April 20, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – Canopy, a venture fund and business accelerator for companies developing ancillary products and services for the legal cannabis industry, is pleased to announce multiple events for investors and the public to mark the graduation of its Spring 2017 accelerator program cohort.


Enlucem Releases Findings of Calif. Consumer Cannabis Study

SAN FRANCISCO, March 14, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Enlucem, a strategic brand consultancy currently advising startups in the cannabis space, announced today the results of a detailed consumer study of Californians’ attitudes toward cannabis products.

Bold enough to invest in cannabis? Here are some of your options

Bold Enough to Invest in Cannabis? Here Are Some of Your Options

Proceed with caution, said a number of speakers taking part in the California Cannabis Business Expo, which runs through Wednesday at the San Diego Sheraton Hotel and Marina.

6 Business Ideas for People Looking to Cash in on the Marijuana Boom

6 Business Ideas for People Looking to Cash in on the Marijuana Boom

The Wild West of weed is on fire with entrepreneurial opportunities. Potpreneurs across America are legally growing, curing and cooking the skunky stuff in record numbers. As those who cultivate and sell the plant grow, so do the offshoot businesses sprouting up around them.


How Startups Will Take Advantage of DC’s Weed Laws

While cannabis-focused startups are beginning to sprout all over the country as various forms of legalization are implemented, the District’s bizarre standard of having cannabis technically legal but unregulated is a fecund plot for creative businesses.


Don’t Miss WeedClub’s Exclusive @420 Pitch Event Hosted by Gateway Accelerator

Marijuana Investor Summit is proud to present a special edition of WeedClub’s @420 Pitch at the California Cannabis Business Expo held at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco on March 3, 2016.


Leslie Bocskor Named ArcView’s ‘Outstanding Member’ of the Year

The ArcView Group, one of the best known investment groups focusing on marijuana investments in the United States, has named Leslie Bocskor, the CEO of Electrum Partners as its “Outstanding Investor Member” of 2015.

Demo Day

Live Stream CanopyBoulder’s Demo Day

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, CanopyBoulder’s Fall 2015 class will host “CanopyBoulder Demo Day,” a presentation of nine pioneering startups that are now ready to pitch their companies to seasoned investors after an intensive 13-week business accelerator program.

ArcView Demo Day and Melissa Etheridge

Marijuana Start-up Demo Day With Real Money At Stake Comes to L.A. 9/29-30

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — More than 200 high net worth investors from around the world will gather in Los Angeles, CA at the next ArcView Investor Forum, the country’s first and most prolific group of cannabis investors.

9 Things on Raising Capital

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Raising Money in the Cannabis Industry

As of early August, CanopyBoulder Spring Class companies have raised nearly $3 million in seed financing, and more is on the way. But don’t think that raising money or investing money is easy—it is not.

Simplified Capital

Simplified Capital Connects Cannapreneurs With Capital

If you’re an entrepreneur, and your company isn’t quite ready for potential investors, how do you acquire financing? For regular businesses, getting a loan from a bank or financial institution is the most straightforward answer, but that’s not always an option for those in the marijuana industry.


Cannabis Entrepreneurs Bring Star Power to Accelerator Boot Camp

More than 115 early-stage startups applied for one of 10 spots within CanopyBoulder’s spring business accelerator program for the legal cannabis industry.

CannaFundr Merges Crowdfunding and Cannabis

The spirit of the JOBS Act is strong, though its flesh (that is, its actual implementation) is weak. The spirit of that 2012 enactment may have just created an important new conduit for the movement of cash into the growing legal cannabis industry in the United States.

Crowdfunding for Marijuana Startups

In a non-cannabis industry an entrepreneur might simply go to the bank for financing, but not so in the marijuana world. Few lenders are ready to do business with a startup whose status is still questionable under federal law. Is crowdfunding an option?

market diversity

Cannabis Startups Diversify Market

It is common for the marijuana industry to be portrayed as one dimensional. To many individuals, the marijuana market simply consists of a grower, a store owner, and a smoker; however, nothing can be further from the truth.


ArcView Offers Investment Nuggets at CCC

On Saturday, June 7, 2014, The ArcView Group gave a two-hour presentation on cannabis business at the Chicago Cannabis Conference. It was an opportunity for attendees to get a medical marijuana education in law, investment and startups. In the first hour, Troy Dayton, CEO of The ArcView Group, gave a detailed presentation on the cannabis industry.