U.S. Marijuana Businesses Grapple with Complex Regulations

Like all companies that sell marijuana products, Washington state-based Interra Oils must comply with a myriad number of packaging and labeling rules before it can make a sale.

Oregon Releases Its First Health Alert For Marijuana Laced With Pesticides

An Oregon laboratory discovered a pesticide in two strains of marijuana sold in a dispensary, causing the state to issue its first health alert for tainted marijuana. Between Oct. 15 and Oct. 17, about 130 customers of the medical marijuana dispensary New Leaf bought the tainted marijuana, which was tainted with spinosad.

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Jimmy Buffet Supports Florida’s Medical Marijuana Amendment

Jimmy Buffet Supports Florida’s Medical Marijuana Amendment

On Oct. 23, 2016, Jimmy Buffet announced his support for Amendment 2, an amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida, as well as his opposition to Amendment 1, an amendment that would give Florida additional oversight of customer-owned solar energy.

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