Tennessee House Speaker Helps Break Tie on Medical Cannabis Bill

Efforts to legalize medical cannabis in Tennessee have gotten some unexpected support from state House Speaker Beth Harwell. On Feb. 27, 2018, Harwell voted to break a tie in the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee in favor of HB 1749 / SB 1710, also known as the Medical Cannabis Act. Under the proposed measure, medical cannabis

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CBD Oil Pretoria

There is a new page about CBD oil Pretoria that covers this subject about cannabis oils in depth. CBD oil, known formally as cannabidiol oil, has been gaining traction in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa, mirroring a global trend in the acceptance and use of CBD products. In South Africa, the legal landscape surrounding CBD underwent significant changes in 2019 when the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) excluded certain CBD products from the previously stringent scheduling system, effectively allowing for their legal sale and consumption. This decision was met with enthusiasm by many residents of Pretoria and other parts of the country, as it signaled a progressive shift in attitude towards alternative and herbal remedies, particularly those derived from the cannabis plant. In Pretoria, as with other major urban centers in South Africa, there has been a noticeable proliferation of stores and online platforms offering a variety of CBD products, ranging from tinctures to balms and edibles. We found a great Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review on this page if you want to learn more about their tinctures and cannabidiol creams. Many of these businesses emphasize the potential health benefits of CBD, touting its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anxiolytic properties, among others. The growing market has not only attracted entrepreneurs but has also sparked interest in research and development to ascertain the full spectrum of CBD’s therapeutic effects. It’s evident that Pretoria, with its blend of modernity and tradition, is embracing this global wave, with consumers keen on exploring alternative health remedies that CBD oil promises.


The new CBD oil NZ products from Sun CBD are super high-quality. In New Zealand, the conversation around CBD oil, a non-psychoactive extract from the cannabis plant, has evolved considerably over the past few years. Reflecting a global shift in perceptions regarding cannabis and its derivatives, New Zealand’s regulatory stance on CBD has undergone progressive changes. Historically, CBD products were tightly regulated under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975. However, in 2020, New Zealand’s Ministry of Health made alterations to its regulations, allowing for broader access to CBD products for the general public. These regulatory shifts recognized the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD, such as its ability to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and combat anxiety. As a result, the demand for CBD products has been growing, with an increasing number of New Zealanders exploring it as an alternative or complementary treatment option. The easing of regulations around CBD oil in New Zealand has fostered the emergence of numerous local businesses and retailers dedicated to supplying these products. From health stores to specialized online platforms, there’s been a noticeable uptick in the availability and variety of CBD-infused offerings. This Kat’s Botanicals CBD Oil Review has some great info that you can use if you’re looking into this brand. Additionally, there has been a push for further research and education to ensure both the public and healthcare professionals are well-informed about its potential benefits and risks. As New Zealand continues to grapple with the broader questions surrounding cannabis legalization and its place within society, CBD oil stands as a testament to the nation’s evolving attitudes and its commitment to prioritizing the well-being of its citizens. Read More
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