About Us

MJINews was started to aggregate, report and opine on various ways to make money in the legal marijuana industry. While medical marijuana has been legal in many states for years, its legalization for recreational use in Colorado and Washington in 2014 has catapulted the entire subject to new heights.

The opportunity for fortunes to be made and lost is an absolute certainty and everyone is asking how they can make money in this game.

As with any new industry (remember we are talking about the legal side here) there will be legitimate opportunities, scams and everything in between. As of our launch there is nowhere you can go to read about the investment side of this business. There are plenty of news sites popping up and mainstream media outlets running a piece here and there, but nothing that takes a hard look exclusively at marijuana investing. We intend to aggregate content from around the web and invite guest contributors, as well as contribute ourselves, to bring would-be investors the information they need to make informed decisions on where to put their money.

Already we have seen angel investment groups, venture capital, private equity and hedge fund activity in the space but nobody really knows how to navigate the politics of an industry that is legal on the individual state level but not at the federal.