Australian Grandparents Donate $25.5 Million to Medical Pot Research


Photo by Giacomo via Flickr.

As Australians await legalization of medical marijuana in November 2016, a popular television news program in that country aired an interview with grandparents who donated millions to the University of Sydney for medicinal cannabis research.

The grandparents, Barry and Joy Lambert, donated $34 million in Australian currency, or the equivalent of about $25.5 million in U.S. currency, to the university last year, according to a Sept. 12, 2016, article at The article drew from interviews that appeared on the Sept. 11, 2016, broadcast of Australia’s “60 Minutes” program.

The Lambert’s donation was motivated by their granddaughter Katelyn, who has Dravet Syndrome, an epileptic condition that causes severe seizures.

Katelyn’s father, Michael Lambert, has been using a cannabis oil to help her daughter cope with her condition.

“It clears her mind, it’s making her less drowsy, less confused,” he said. “Raw cannabis is not psychoactive, it doesn’t make you high.”

Barry Lambert, who sold a business last year, said, “This is not just for Katelyn, this is for a whole range of various conditions. That’s what the research is about, so doctors will be medically convinced. We’re just doing what’s right.”

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