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Kyle Kushman's Ventures in Vegas with GrowBLOX Sciences

Kyle Kushman’s Ventures in Vegas with GrowBLOX Sciences

Kyle Kushman’s Ventures in Vegas with GrowBLOX Sciences

With 13 Medical Cannabis Cups to his name, Kyle Kushman is a prolific cultivator. Strains and genetics are his passion and the host of The Grow Show podcast and High Times columnist loves to share his knowledge.

Open New Year's Eve

Replacing Champagne: Dispensaries Open on New Year’s Eve in Washington

While the majority of the country will be watching a ball drop this New Year’s Eve, some marijuana enthusiasts will be dropping a vaporizer bag or cutting into THC cake instead of popping bottles of champagne.

Chroncierge and Freddie Kane

Freddie Gibbs Releases Signature Strain with Chroncierge—The Concierge of Chronic

From Michael Jordan’s longstanding signature shoe to Billy Dee Williams sponsoring Colt 45 in the 80s, there have been celebrity endorsements as long as there have been celebrities. Now, rapper Freddie Gibbs is in the game with his own signature strain of marijuana.


Marijuana Questions? There’s an App for That.

There have been numerous regulations preventing marijuana-centric apps from making their way onto your smartphones. Now though, there is no shortage of convenient digital tools for informing purchases, finding a local shop or even growing your own digital garden.

Performance Enhancer

Marijuana in Competition: Medicinal Aid or Performance Enhancer?

The combination of quickly changing laws, evolving public opinion and rapidly advancing medical studies show marijuana might actually have a legitimate place in sport associations such as the NFL.

South Dakota Resort

South Dakota Tribe Prepares First Marijuana Resort for the New Year

This past June, the Flandreau Santee Sioux legalized the possession, consumption, cultivation and distribution of marijuana. This is in preparation for the tribe’s yearlong project of building the first-ever marijuana resort on a reservation.

Marijuana Competitions

Marijuana Competitions Throughout North America

Award Winning—you see it on bottles of whiskey, wine and local microbrews. As the marijuana industry grows, you may start to see these words more and more on cannabis labels.

Hempfest numbers

Attendance Low for Ohio’s Hempfest and Issue 3 Faces an Uphill Battle

Legalization of marijuana is a highly contested subject in Ohio, as the current proposed amendment, Issue 3, has both supporters and opponents. This did not stop Columbus, Ohio, from hosting Hempfest on the Ohio State University campus.


Alcohol and Marijuana: Not Necessarily Enemies

After recreational marijuana was legalized in Washington and Colorado, there was a good deal of worry from alcohol retailers and producers that business would suffer due to business shifting to marijuana sales.


Vail Extends Ban on Recreational Marijuana Sales

Colorado and Washington both voted to legalize recreational marijuana statewide, opening the doors to a brand new industry and a brand new revenue stream. While the states seemed to welcome the new industry, there were clauses in both bills that allowed specific areas to place moratoriums on recreational marijuana.


Planting Roots: Cannabis Sellers Joining Chambers of Commerce

With the current state of new media and online advertising, joining a local chamber of commerce may seem like an antiquated idea. However, joining a local chamber still has its benefits in spite of what businesses are able to do for themselves.

Collective Gardens Ending

The Beginning of the End for Washington’s Collective Gardens

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Washington, there are essentially three ways to obtain cannabis—from a recreational shop, from the black market or from medical collectives, also referred to as dispensaries.

Oregon Retail Sales

Oregon’s Retail Marijuana Sales Could Start One Year Early

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon kicking off on July 1, 2015, there is still one major issue for residents looking to purchase the substance—the fact that they have to wait 15 months until recreational stores are licensed and open for business.


Marijuana Arrests and Social Progress

Since recreational marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado, many states have begun to ease marijuana laws and punishments. Overall, it seems that arrest rates are down for the now legal drug, with Colorado reporting decreased crime rates, traffic fatalities and an increase in jobs.

Native American Marijuana

Native Americans Coming Around to Marijuana

It seems like the key to moving forward with this is to do it very deliberately, like with the bill that was just passed in Washington. This bill opens up a process for Native American tribes to work hand in hand with the state of Washington regarding the sale and distribution of marijuana.

store welcome

Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Washington Recreational Marijuana Store

On April 20, 2015, Green Leaf Recreational in Bellingham, Washington, held a vendor fair to celebrate what has become known as marijuana’s holiday. This wasn’t just a simple celebration of the first 4/20 since recreational marijuana has been legal to sell in Washington.


Pricing and Retail Implications of Washington’s Marijuana Glut

When the first recreational marijuana stores opened in Washington in July 2014, there was a consistent problem with supply—there simply was not enough. Close to eight months later the tables have turned in a drastic way.