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New York, New York, United States: Upscale Packaging Solutions


Founded: 2014
Facebook: RODAWG
Instagram: WeAreTheBureau


Josh Gordon, Founder and CEO
Larry Gordon, Chairman

Josh Gordon
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(646) 791-6743


The Bureau wholesales packing solutions to dispensaries, including California medical marijuana dispensary Harborside Health Center, as well as direct to consumers via its new website, Packaging solutions include jars, cases, tubes and bags made with embossed glass, treated woods, hidden compartments and even odor-proof and child-resistant features.



Revenue Drivers: Wholesale product sales to dispensary customers; consumer products revenue via e-commerce retail presence. Main revenue-generating products are premium rolling funnels, carrying cases and childproof storage containers.

Competitors: Stink Sack, Oil Slick Pad and others. We expect a flurry of large, entrenched consumer products manufacturers to enter the space as the total cannabis industry expands in coming years.

Competitive Advantage: A first mover advantage is The Bureau’s most valuable asset. Building a brand in the consumer space takes time and money; key partnerships in the wholesale market could lead to market share growth, or at minimum market share maintenance in a market with a rapidly-growing pie.

Business Model: Supply sophisticated, upscale product storage and transportation solutions on both the wholesale and retail level. Serve wholesale operators in both “white label” and custom design capacities; direct-to-consumer products in the lifestyle and container/storage categories.

Funding: Started with $60,000 in startup funding from Josh and Larry Gordon. Received a $500,000 angel funding round to build wholesale inventory and roll out initial three products.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: Aggressively meet the current market need for differentiating, high-end storage and presentation solutions for wholesale cannabis marketers. Build out consumer business as a compliment to the overall business model; communicate the brand story to mass market and seek out opportunities for both organic and viral marketing.

“We focus on discretion and a more sophisticated appeal when designing/producing our products … After all, our target market does not frequent headshops and smokeshops yet still seeks smoking products that fit in with their lifestyles”  – Josh Gordon, CEO

Target Market: Professionals, connoisseurs, customers seeking discrete transportation and storage options. Target demographic is willing to pay up for increased style and form factors.

“The products have a slightly premium price point in the smokeshop market, but very attainable to the masses and on par with, if not less expensive with other fashionable accessories a mainstream audience would be interested in.”  – Josh Gordon, CEO


The Tribeca – Inspired by the iconic New York neighborhood, The TriBeCa includes 3 perfectly rolled, ultra-thin rice paper shells, ready to be filled, and designed to burn slowly and evenly. This pocket-sized, metallic case is perfect for parties, concerts, or weekend jaunts, and makes a great companion to the discerning connoisseur. Imported from the Netherlands. (Refills sold separately.)

The Five Points – Named after the notorious downtown Manhattan intersection, The Five Points includes 5 perfectly rolled, ultra-thin rice paper shells, ready to be filled, and designed to burn slowly and evenly. Larger than its 3-pack counterpart, The Five Points unites any group with ease. Imported from the Netherlands. (Refills sold separately.)

The Paper – Take a break from your paper route, and let BUREAU make the deliveries. The Paper refills The TriBeCa and The Five Points with 12 perfectly rolled, ultra-thin rice paper shells, ready to be packed, and designed to burn slowly and evenly. Imported from the Netherlands.

The Thompson – Cut through SoHo in style with The Thompson, an air-tight, single unit chamber created for the transport of your finest cone. Its smell-proof, durable design accentuates any night out on the town.

The Bleecker – The Bleecker’s unparalleled form and dual storage compartment feature in its cap preserves its contents with style and distinction – much like the favorite street of many trendsetters, artists, musicians and designers. It’s constructed of durable glass and features a crafted airtight custom seal. (3.5g capacity).

The Rivington – The Rivington sets itself apart with a dual storage feature found within its lid – perfect for storing concentrates and waxes. Crafted with durable glass, UV resistant tint and an airtight seal, The Rivington offers unrivaled performance as well as BUREAU’s signature ‘bottom-up” design for tabletop viewing. (5g-7g capacity).

The Bedford – Designed for the purist, The Bedford rests on an authentic birch wood lid and natural glass base that even keeps some of that harmful sun from getting in. Unique and innovative, BUREAU’s signature “bottom-up” design makes The Bedford a perfect tabletop display for all types of fine herbs. (5g-7g capacity).

The Highline – Inspired by the West Side’s railroad-turned-aerial greenway, “The Highline” displays and preserves all types of fine herbs with an airtight, all-natural birch wood lid. (7g-14g capacity).

The Broadway – The Broadway’s anti-stick, food-grade silicone interior protects all waxes and concentrates, allowing for effortless storage and removal. With its recessed lip, secured clasp and 2 gram capacity, The Broadway, like New York’s busiest street, will be the mainstay of any connoisseur’s collection.

The Gridlock – Just as New York’s traffic keeps people from getting to the outer boroughs, The Gridlock 2-pack container ensures that only you can access your fine herbs. Its ASTM-certified, child-resistant lid and recyclable material will add a measure of safety and security for the responsible connoisseur. (1g and 3.5g sizes included, additional sizes to come in 2015).


Josh Gordon, CEO, founded The Bureau after advising large retail providers on product nuances related to packaging and branding. He received his MBA from Fordham University, graduating at the top of his class.

Larry Gordon, Chairman, transitioned to private wealth management after a professional basketball career in the ABA & abroad. He became Senior Vice President at Smith Barney (now part of Citigroup), spending more than 25 years in sales and asset management. He oversees The Bureau’s operational focus on sales, financing and logistics.

Jasper Wheeler, VP of Product & Industrial Design, is a respected NYC industrial designer with experience in furniture, housewares and product packaging. He brings in an impressive portfolio of intellectual property, design wins and branded products in the mass marketplace.


Ryan has spent nearly 20 years analyzing financial markets and investment opportunities for institutional and high-net worth investors. He specializes in determining the size and scope of new markets, changing industry trends and the market potential of new companies, products and services. Ryan has also published hundreds of articles on investment topics, market commentary and macroeconomic analysis.