NFL’s Chief Medical Officer Calls Marijuana Research ‘Really Important’

NFL’s Chief Medical Officer Calls Marijuana Research ‘Really Important’

NFL’s Chief Medical Officer Calls Marijuana Research ‘Really Important’

The NFL’s chief medical officer says it is “really important” for the league and the NFL Players Association to determine whether marijuana can be used as an effective and safe pain-management tool for players.

NFLPA Pursuing 'Less Punitive' Marijuana Policy Despite Spicer's Comments

NFLPA Pursuing ‘Less Punitive’ Marijuana Policy Despite Spicer’s Comments

The NFL Players Association will continue to pursue a “less punitive” marijuana policy despite the recent comments from White House press secretary Sean Spicer indicating that the Trump administration will increase its enforcement of federal marijuana laws.

NFLPA Drafting Proposal to Change Punishment for Marijuana Use

NFLPA Drafting Proposal to Change Punishment for Marijuana Use

The proposal to modify the manner in which the league deals with recreational marijuana use would, if it is delivered, come as the NFLPA’s recently formed pain management committee separately studies the issue of marijuana use by players as a pain management tool and whether that should be permissible under the drug policies.

New York Knicks President Phil Jackson Foresees Changes in NBA Pot Policy

New York Knicks President Phil Jackson Foresees Changes in NBA Pot Policy

Phil Jackson, president of the New York Knicks, talked about marijuana use and the NBA during a visit to the CBS Sports Network program “We Need to Talk.” Jackson started by talking about his own marijuana use following the back surgery that kept him out of the 1969-1970 season when he was on the New York Knicks team.

NFL Players Association to Study MMJ for Pain Management

NFL Players Association to Study MMJ for Pain Management

In an effort to help reduce the use of opioids among injured players, the NFL Players Association is actively studying medical marijuana as an alternative tool in pain management, as reported by The Washington Post.

Eugene Monroe

Former NFL Player Begins Column For The Cannabist

Medical marijuana advocate and former Baltimore Ravens player Eugene Monroe published his first column for The Cannabist on Aug. 1, 2016. “On a mission to get the NFL to accept cannabinoids as a viable option for pain,” says part of Monroe’s biographical information at the end of the column. The Baltimore Ravens released Monroe in June 2016.


Cannabis: The Worst Kept Secret in Athletics

For years, cannabis use has been the worst kept secret in athletics. It’s widespread in just about every amateur and professional arena from universities to the Olympics to the major leagues.

Super Bowl

Cannabis in California Gets Creative for Super Bowl 50

With California home to this year’s Super Bowl, medical marijuana dispensaries are embracing mainstream sales tactics to entice consumers with cannabis-related specials.


Paralympic Athlete Suspended After Testing Positive for Cannabinoids

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015, the International Paralympic Committee announced that it has suspended Alexander Zverev, a Russian Paralympic sprinter, for violating a rule of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Performance Enhancer

Marijuana in Competition: Medicinal Aid or Performance Enhancer?

The combination of quickly changing laws, evolving public opinion and rapidly advancing medical studies show marijuana might actually have a legitimate place in sport associations such as the NFL.


Is Golf and Cannabis a Match Made in Heaven?

Billboards along the highway point to one of the local dispensaries. Tacoma-area businesses, including those in the cannabis industry, are preparing for the expected influx of golf fans and others from around the country for the 115th United States Open Golf Championship.


In 420 Games, Athletes Outpace Cannabis Stigma

The setting couldn’t be more ideal this mid-May morning in San Jose’s vast Hellyer Park as the 500 or so runners form a pack at the starting line. The temperature is in the low 60s and there’s a slight wind coming out of the west-northwest, really not much of a concern to the entrants.

MMJ_dispensary real estate

Former Bronco: NFL Needs Weed

Nate Jackson, former Denver Broncos tight-end and author, aired a grievance last week with the National Football League that wasn’t related to Ray Rice. In a New York Times op-ed, Jackson called the NFL’s policy on marijuana use “absurd.” Furthermore, in the article he admitted to medicating with cannabis throughout his career, and suggested that he


Marijuana & Athletes: Does Weed Help?

Marijuana goes by many names besides those used on the street. It is called medicine by those who swear by its therapeutic effects. It is called safer than alcohol by advocates for recreational use. Now, marijuana is being called a performance-enhancing drug for athletes.


NFL Rethinks Marijuana

The debate on what should happen to marijuana convictions has already started, and will continue for as long as federal law is out of harmony with states like Colorado and Washington.

The discussion has spread to the NFL, with Cleveland Brown’s Josh Gordon likely sitting on the bench for 2014. As Toronto Sun points out, pot is hardly performance enhancing, so why can’t players roll their own? The NFL is there to police a sport, not the nation’s ethical contradictions.