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California Assembly Votes On Medical Marijuana Reform

California Assembly Votes On Medical Marijuana Reform

After nearly 20 years of neglect, the California State Assembly has finally taken steps to reign in the state’s medical marijuana system by voting 50-5 to approve a bill, AB 266, aimed at provided more structure to the loosely regulated program.


US House Votes to Protect Medical Marijuana

On June 3, 2015, The United States House of Representatives voted to reauthorize an amendment that would prevent federal authorities from interfering with medical marijuana businesses in states where the substance is legal.

Cleveland Cannabis College Opens in Ohio

Ohio Marijuana Groups Draw Unlikely Foes

As the marijuana legalization movement spreads across the United State, it begins to take on different forms in different states. For example, in Ohio the campaign to legalize recreational marijuana has become a five way race between competing marijuana legalization groups.

racial disparity

Proposed Illinois Cannabis Bill Cracks Down on Racial Disparity

A proposed Illinois bill currently in the Senate would amend the state’s Cannabis Control Act, reducing penalties for small amounts of cannabis. And the act just might be the change Illinois needs to address racial disparities in arrests and incarceration.

Majority of Massachusetts Voters Oppose Legalizing Marijuana

Massachusetts Revamps Medical Marijuana Licensing Process

For the last three years, Massachusetts has been struggling to enact its medical marijuana program. Bureaucratic foot dragging and allegations of corruption have slowed the application process and patients in Massachusetts have been left in the lurch.


Marijuana Reform in Alabama Gets Second Chance

Something strange is happening in the Deep South. Last week, approximately two dozen medical marijuana advocates traveled to the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery to persuade lawmakers to pass a bill that would legalize medical marijuana for people with debilitating conditions.

issues to watch

Legislative Issues to Watch

At the Marijuana Investor Summit on April 22, 2015, attorneys Marc Ross, partner at Sichensia Ross Friedman Ference LLP, and Michael McGrory, partner at SmithAmundsen LLC, explored the history of marijuana laws and the factors that will shape future marijuana legislation.


Louisiana Looking at Marijuana Reform

In 1991, Louisiana somewhat legalized medical marijuana for patients suffering from glaucoma or spastic quadriplegia, or symptoms related to chemotherapy. However, the law was vague and lists no protections for patients or physicians or mechanisms for legal acquisition.


Denver Cracks Down on Unlicensed Grows

Last week, on March 23, 2015, the Denver City Council approved a measure that limits the number of marijuana plants an unlicensed grow operation can have. The measure’s goal is to rein in the medical marijuana caregiver market, which officials contend has gotten out of hand.

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