CCBExpo at the Junction of ‘Grows Meet Pros’ With Margolis


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Join Amy Margolis, founder of Emerge Law Group, on March 4, 2016, at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco, as she explores the challenges, barriers and benefits of partnerships between industry members and traditional investors.

The Emerge Law Group is a full-service compliance, tax, securities and business firm that focuses on representing clients in the emerging cannabis industry using traditional business strategies.

With the evolution of this industry, unexpected partnerships have surfaced. Long-time cannabis industry members, who have often been forced to operate in the shadows, are now starting regulated businesses and finding that they need expertise and funding. Traditional investors are looking to enter the industry but lack the skill set, knowledge and relationships to start from scratch. As a result, unusual, and sometimes challenging, partnerships have emerged.

Margolis has been working with clients in the cannabis industry since 2002. She is also the founder and Executive Director of the Oregon Cannabis PAC and the Oregon Cannabis Association. Margolis has served on multiple policy committees, including the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Rules Advisory Committee; The OLCC Licensing, Regulation and Compliance Committee; the Portland Marijuana Task Force and the Oregon Health Authority Rules Advisory Committee, among others, all of which are helping to shape Oregon’s cannabis market.

On March 4, the session with Margolis will explore the benefits and hurdles of when “grows meet pros.” She will look at reasonable expectations, how to determine value and risk in an unknown market, how to evaluate who would make a good partner and what are some key touch points for moving forward as a team.

The California Cannabis Business Expo follows MJIC Media’s inaugural event, the Marijuana Investor Summit in Denver in April 2014, which drew more than 1,000 people and 100 exhibitors. On March 3-5, the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco will present a unique opportunity for you to learn about the state of cannabis in California from those shaping the legal landscape.

Tickets to the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco can be purchased online.

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