Cleveland Cannabis College Opens in Ohio

Cleveland Cannabis College Opens in Ohio

Ohioans soon will be able to get an education in their state’s medical marijuana program.

Richard Pine, an Ohio native, has founded the Cleveland Cannabis College in Independence, Ohio, according to a Feb. 17, 2017, article at

The Cleveland Cannabis College will offer courses in horticulture, history, law and other areas related to medical marijuana. Classes will begin in Fall 2017, after Ohio has finalized details of its medical marijuana program, reported.

“Ohio’s really setting the bar for the laws in medical marijuana—they’re treating it like a medicine unlike some states out west,” Pine said. “What we aim to do is share the scientific facts about cannabis with as many people as possible.”

Each six-week class costs $1,000. The entire program, encompassing 135 hours of instruction, costs $5,200. A weekend-long introductory course, providing an overview of medical marijuana, is available for $250.

Pine used medical marijuana after back surgery following a car accident. He found it managed his pain better than opioids. He hopes to eventually offer a state-approved continuing education course for medical doctors.

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