Connecticut Lawmakers Vote on Starting Recreational Marijuana Discussions

Connecticut Lawmakers Vote on Starting Recreational Marijuana Discussions

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Connecticut lawmakers have put recreational marijuana back on the table — sort of. According to the CT Post, lawmakers are curious as to how they would successfully regulate the drug if it were ever to be legalized in the New England state.

On Feb. 15, 2018, the General Assembly’s General Law Committee put the notion of legalizing recreational marijuana to a vote, a move that indicates some lawmakers are seriously considering the move.

Rep. Michael D’Agostino admitted it’s unclear as to whether the General Assembly will move further in the process, but noted it was sensible to inquire on regulatory practices.

Not everyone is on board, though. Rep. Vincent Candelora is concerned that “revenue pressures” like maintaining a balanced state budget will “force a bad decision.”

According to the General Assembly’s Office of Fiscal Analysis, legalizing recreational marijuana could generate between $30.1 million and $63.9 million in tax revenue for Connecticut in its first year of implementation.

Amanda Taylor was the editorial assistant for Marijuana Industry News from September 2016 through February 2018. She earned a BA in English and an MA in Writing from Coastal Carolina University.

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