Cultivators: Protect Your Investment with Non-Toxic Pesticides

Cultivators: Protect Your Investment with Non-Toxic Pesticides

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In Colorado, an acre of cannabis can yield more than $1.1 million per acre, eclipsing the average $1,000 per harvested acre for the country’s most widely grown crops. With cannabis poised to be America’s largest cash crop, cannabis cultivators can protect their investment by replacing questionable pesticides with non-toxic and natural pesticides because when toxic pesticides leach into groundwater or poison individuals who’ve been overexposed, public health and environmental fallout can affect every level of the supply chain, from cultivators and processors to retailers and consumers.

While mainstream industries often benefit from having a federal regulatory authority, legal cannabis doesn’t because it remains criminal at the federal level. This has prevented botanical research on how various pesticides interact with the cannabis plant, forcing states with legal cannabis to devise cultivation regulations to the best of their abilities.

“We’re hoping that oversight comes in and gives the cannabis business, the medical marijuana business, the steps and the education needed to grow this continually,” said Matthew Mills, COO of Med-X, a multi-divisional cannabis company focused on medical research, agricultural products and digital media.

According to Beyond Pesticides, which published a report on the progress of state regulations last winter, state regulations are inconsistent. Some states have implemented regulations in line with EPA standards for pesticides, while others have suggested that EPA standards don’t have to be followed because the EPA hasn’t issued specific regulations regarding the use of pesticides on cannabis.

Considering this state of regulatory disarray, cultivators who see the long-term value in establishing best practices for cannabis cultivation have to pick up the torch so regulators and consumers can trust the cannabis making its way to the market.

According to Mills, “There’s a huge difference between cultivating and growing. Cultivating is curating your plants, taking care of your plants individually. Growing in trellis nets, growing 300 plants in a small room, hoping your grow does not become infected with insects because if you do, you can not quarantine a single plant, you have to treat the whole grow, that’s why I suspect poison is still being used. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense to grow this way anymore. It’s time to cultivate. It’s time to come out of the shadows and do things the right way. We believe that when mainstream agricultural authorities really get involved nationally, that licensed pest control personnel will be required to be in place with all cannabis cultivation, just like we see in produce cultivation currently.”

In an effort to empower cultivators, Med-X management has become California-licensed pest control applicators while developing Nature-Cide, a 100% natural and effective insecticide and pesticide product line that has been registered in the 39 states that require EPA registration, and it is also on the approved list of pesticides for use on cannabis by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and on the recommended list in Washington and Oregon.

“Nature-Cide is going to change the way people handle their cultivations. It’s going to help them until mainstream agriculture comes into the picture. The product is so clean, you can use it everyday. The product is being used in cleaning protocols, like mopping floors with it, spraying the walls with it, it’s being used for all types of things,” Mills said. “You can spray CO2 bottles and other equipment, making sure that spider mites are not being carried into your cultivation, which is a major factor of how spider mites get into a cultivation.”

“We use Nature-Cide in our production facilities as a contact kill against a broad spectrum of insect pests at every stage of plant life. We also use it in our facility in our cleaning protocols,” said Sam Magruder of San Francisco based Sustain Farms. “This product has lived 100% up to my expectations and I highly recommend it.”

If legal cannabis producers want to earn the trust of regulators, retailers and consumers, they have to cultivate responsibly and Nature-Cide has the pest management solution and knowledge to help them do it.

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