Boulder, Colorado, United States: Consistent Consumer Experience Products


URL: http://www.ebbu.com
Founded: 2013
Company Stage: Startup


Jon Cooper, President/CEO
Jon Strickler, COO
Gold Darr Hood, CAO


Ebbu specializes in creating healthier, safer cannabis-based medicinal and recreational products.

“Just as an alcohol distillery takes an inconsistent natural product – for example potatoes and turns it into vodka – we take a raw product – in our case cannabis – and turn it into something new.” – Dooma Wendschuh, Founder



Revenue Driver: Sales of marijuana-infused products through various delivery mechanisms and sales of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to other marijuana-infused creators.

Competitors: Alcohol and caffeine products.

Competitive Advantage: World-class science team and unique cannabis distillation methods.

Business Model: Create various marijuana-infused products and sell them via wholesale to dispensaries and API sales to other vendors and manufacturers.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: We seek to partner with leaders like Dixie Elixirs, while also coming out with our own branded products.

“We sell product companies our API – our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient – our distilled cannabis to use when manufacturing their products. By doing this, we allow them to brand their products on not just flavor and form factor, but to brand their products based on what consumers really care about – how it will make them feel. All we ask in return is that they put a little sticker on the package which says ‘ebbu inside,’ not too dissimilar from when you buy a laptop and it says ‘Intel inside.’” – Dooma Wendschuh, Founder

Customers: Individual consumers, both medical and recreational, as well as makers of edibles, consumables and portable vaporizers.

Target Market: Mass Market. Value proposition is based on delivering the following attributes to consumers:

  • Predictability – anticipate the response before you try it the first time.
  • Reliability – the same psychoactive response, taste, smell, and dosage each time.
  • Simplicity – simplify decisions for consumers.
  • A Healthier Choice – toxins and carcinogens removed through the distillation process.
  • Clarity – each product specifically states the amount of each cannabinoid present.

“We need a brand we can trust. Ebbu is going to be that brand. Ebbu is going to change the world. How do I know? Because we have the right team, the right technology and because I won’t stop – none of us at ebbu will stop until the world is a safer, healthier place.” – Dooma Wendschuh, Founder


Jon Cooper, President/CEO

  • Over 18 years of business strategy, product management, and marketing experience in both start-ups and fortune 500 companies including level 3 communications, Accenture.
  • Co-founder/vp sales, marketing, and products at Aventura, a context-aware computing company, led the product team and the the award-winning marketing team.
  • Co-founder/vp marketing and products at SkyWay systems, a b2c automotive communications and telematics solution.

Jon Strickler, COO

  • Over 20 years process & strategy consulting experience for clients including: Schering Plough, Capital One, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, Aflac, Axa Equitable, General Electric, Unilever, BNSF, Motorola, Ingersoll Rand, ClickBank, Healthgrades.
  • Six years consulting at Accenture; two years as process architect at Staples. c-level in three startups including implementation lead for a tech company which sold at 20x earnings in less than three years
  • B.S., United States Military Academy, West Point; M.B.A. in engineering management, University of Missouri, school of science and technology.

Gold Darr Hood, CAO

  • Co-hosted the first marijuana investment conference held in Texas, an event which drew significant press and investment.
  • Hood comes from an eclectic background in engineering, finance and event planning by way of a local Houston entrepreneur who succumbed to cancer, but whose lifestyle mirrored Hood’s passion for tackling big challenges.
  • Hood’s work is fueled by the energy of an early start and a solid education, with two engineering degrees and an MBA, the first of which was earned just after her 18th birthday. Hood possesses the dual perspectives of working with large firms, such as consulting and finance giant Deloitte, and startups from biotechnology to fashion.
  • Hood creates opportunities to contribute original ideas, like robotic and human resource optimization systems for disaster management, forging collaborations with government agencies and research institutions alike.

Chris Denicola, Director of R&D Chemistry

  • Former market research manager at Restek Chromatography Solutions, involved in new product and application development.
  • Fifteen years chromatography experience working as an Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Liquid Chromatography—Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) chemist for companies like Merck, Glaxo Smith Kline, Wyeth, and Johnson & Johnson.
  • Former drug discovery director of analytical group at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, focusing on central nervous system diseases.
  • Expertise with LC/UV, LCMS, prep-LC, chiral compounds and supercritical fluid chromatography (sfc).

Kurt Levy, Senior Scientist

  • Regarded as one of the top consulting research chemists in the Colorado cannabis industry.
  • Developed pilot scale cannabinoid extraction processes using hydrocarbon and SFC-CO2.
  • Invented prep-scale purification methods to achieve high-purity cannabis extracts.
  • Eleven years chromatography R&D and prep-scale production experience at Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, American Veterinary products and the University of Northern Colorado.

Dr. B. Reid, Ph.D., Director of Cellular Psychopharmacology

  • Former director of the High Throughput (HTS) and High Content Screening (HCS) core at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.
  • Joined the faculty at UC-Denver to oversee the creation of the HTS/HCS core.
  • Supported early drug discovery programs at UC-Denver, National Jewish Health hospital, and Colorado State University.
  • Held senior research positions at Incyte corporation, Myogen and Gilead Sciences.
  • Ph.d. in biochemistry from the University of Oregon. Postdoctoral studies in mechanistic biochemistry and biophysics in Arthur Horwich’s lab at Yale School of Medicine.

Dr. M. Enmark, Ph.D., R&D Chromatographer

  • Recurring speaker at the International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations, the International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography and the International Conference on Packed Column SFC.
  • Best poster at the 24th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography, 2011.
  • Csaba Horváth Young Scientist Award at the 36th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations, 2011.
  • Ten peer-reviewed scientific articles, 42 citations. Impact factor: 5 (Google Scholar Nov. 2014).
  • Graduate engineering studies in molecular biotechnology at Uppsala University in Sweden. Ph.d. studies in non-linear preparative chromatography and supercritical fluid chromatography, with focus on SFC operation, adsorption, control parameter and scale up.

Ryan has spent nearly 20 years analyzing financial markets and investment opportunities for institutional and high-net worth investors. He specializes in determining the size and scope of new markets, changing industry trends and the market potential of new companies, products and services. Ryan has also published hundreds of articles on investment topics, market commentary and macroeconomic analysis.