MJselect.com Launches Virtual Dispensary Web/Mobile App


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ca., December 2, 2014 /Weed Wire/ — MJselect.com is pleased to announce the launch of its virtual dispensary web app. The application, available for both web and mobile devices, allows medical marijuana dispensaries to expand the area they service without disrupting the community or enduring difficult zoning processes. The app provides patients a familiar, Amazon-like experience, and includes a Virtual Budtender that allows patients to communicate face to face with a dispensary’s budtender. The company provides all the services required to setup and manage the app.

MJselect.com was co-founded by a husband and wife team with deep experience in technology, healthcare, and law who believe technology can resolve many of the issues that cause communities and governments to resist medical marijuana. While polls consistently show widespread support for medical marijuana, fear of a “marijuana drug culture” and its effects on the community consistently creates backlash at the local level. For instance, in Los Angeles, San Jose and many other California communities, new dispensaries have been banned via restrictive zoning initiatives, or restricted via caps placed on the number of dispensaries that can exist in a community.

MJselect.com’s virtual dispensary application resolves that fear by allowing dispensaries to expand the region that they cover and serve more patients via web and mobile accessibility, face to face communication over the web, and express pickup and delivery. The result is more patients receive their medication without community disruption. Patients who suffer from advanced medical conditions, are critically ill, or have limited mobility also benefit.

The application is sold on a subscription basis, and includes all of the services required to setup, and manage the service ongoing. The service also includes integration to mmjmenu, the leading POS, Inventory Control and Patient Management system.

About MJselect.com
MJselect.com provides virtual dispensary technology that allows dispensaries to expand their services without regulatory barriers or community resistance. The company brings the professionalism of mainstream healthcare to the medical marijuana industry through technology that meets the needs of dispensaries, medical marijuana patients, and their communities.

Contact Information:
Dora Palmieri, J.D., L.L.M.
MJselect.com, LLC
[email protected]

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