Seth Rogen Says Marijuana Comedies Remain Safe Despite Legalization


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Seth Rogen, star of stoner movies like “Pineapple Express” and “This is the End,” thinks marijuana-oriented comedy will continue to work, even with more states legalizing weed, according to an interview with CBS News posted May 18, 2016.

The CBS interviewer called Rogen “one of the vanguards of modern stoner comedy,” to which the actor replied, “I’ll take it.”

When asked if changes in marijuana laws have had an impact on pot comedies, Rogen suggested they probably have not.

“We haven’t found any real difference in the way people react to it on screen,” Rogen said. “We made ‘This is the End’ years after ‘Pineapple Express,’ and there’s a shot in ‘This is the End’ that’s just a bunch of weed on a table, and people literally cheered in the theater when it came on the screen.”

In Rogen’s new movie, “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” part of the plot involves cops going after pot dealers. “So we know which states this movie doesn’t take place in,” the interviewer said.

“Yeah, exactly,” Rogen said. “There’s a point at which you have to embrace the legality of it. It changes it a little bit. The movie’s kind of set nowhere, but if it was set somewhere where weed is legal, then that for sure would’ve caused some issues with our story.”

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