Sounds of Marijuana at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards

The music industry is gearing up for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards and big names like Bruno Mars and Adele are set to hit the stage for it on Feb. 12 at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. With California having both legal medical and recreational marijuana, performers may see more legal green than Grammy gold on awards night. Here’s a rundown of the nominees who love marijuana just as much as they love music.

Danish band Lukas Graham took American pop radio by storm with its hit single “7 Years” and is up for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Lukas Forchhammer, lead singer and face of the group, was born and raised in the self-governing town of Christiania in Denmark, once known for its open-marijuana trade.

In the song “7 Years,” Forchhammer reflects on his youth, singing, “By eleven smoking herb and drinking burning liquor.” Forchhammer admitted to Rolling Stone that he and his friends actually first tried smoking when they were 12. It didn’t become a regular activity until the frontman was 18, which eventually got him arrested for possession; regardless, Forchhammer tips his hat to his ability to function “quite well on it.”

Sturgill Simpson might not be a household name, but the country artist is gaining traction with his nomination for Album of the Year. It wasn’t always fame and glory for Simpson, though. The former McDonald’s worker admits to selling pot, and getting busted for it, way before he had hit records.

In the song “Turtle All the Way Down,” Simpson references weed and other drugs with the lines, “Marijuana, LSD / Psilocybin and DMT / They all changed the way I see / But love’s the only thing that ever saved my life.” In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Simpson seems to have taken a step back from the party life, saying that he no longer gets blasted off of beers or whiskey while on tour. Though he’s opted out of all day hangovers, Simpson admitted that he still smokes weed to “kill the boredom” when traveling between shows.

While there are plenty of nominees who have already staked their claim to fame, newbie Anderson Paak is still working his way to the top. The rapper, nominated for Best New Artist, had a career in pot before his successful career in music.

In an interview with The Guardian, Paak explained how he became a weed trimmer on a marijuana farm in Santa Barbara. He got the job after money became scarce, all the while still trying to make it in the music industry. Paak acknowledged that the work of trimming was difficult, but the money was great. “It was the hardest work of my life, but it was 150 bucks an hour. We were there for ever,” Paak said. The rapper was let go from the farm unexpectedly, but the sudden job loss eventually led him to the path of his current success.

Artists like Drake, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Chance the Rapper — all open about their love of weed — are also among the group of musicians dominating several nominations at this year’s Grammy Awards. With the future of legal marijuana up in the air under President Donald Trump, here’s to hoping Grammy nominated artists continue to sing praise for the plant.

Amanda Taylor is a graduate student in the Masters of Writing program at Coastal Carolina University and the editorial intern at Marijuana Industry News.

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