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Edibles Testing

Colorado Testing Edibles by Year’s End

Colorado Testing Edibles by Year’s End

Colorado is building a reputation as the national laboratory for getting marijuana mostly right, and the edible side of the industry is no exception. However, edibles present their own set of challenges from the regulatory perspective. Challenges range from the agricultural to the pharmaceutical to child safety.

Big Pete’s Treats

Big Pete’s Treats puts a new meaning to the word “baked”. With nearly a dozen different types of THC-infused cookies for its customers to choose from, Big Pete’s is baking up a variety of cannabis treats and caters to 29 different dispensaries in California.

Edible Safety

Industry Responsible for Edible Marijuana

How do you like to take your marijuana? Do you like to smoke it, vaporize it or take it in an edible form? If you answered edible, then you are not alone. Many individuals prefer edible marijuana for the relaxation it produces, while others prefer edibles because they don’t involve inhaling carcinogenic smoke. Plus, sometimes it’s just easier to pop a cannabis cookie into your mouth.

Catering Cutlery

Cannabis Catering Redefines High-End Food

Naturally, with the proliferation of pot in the United States, it was only a matter of time until someone made cannabis culinary. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, at some point in your life you likely cooked up some gnarly version of a pot brownie and choked it down to get a buzz.


Top Chefs and Caterers Use Pot as a Secret Ingredient

Put down that pot brownie. In a bid to join the mainstreaming of marijuana, chefs and caterers are pairing cannabis with cuisine—not just to keep up with the times, but to create a high-end dining experience.


Industry Success for Attentive Investors

Whereas 21 U.S. States have legalized medical marijuana and customers are queuing up to buy it, the same is not true of financial institutions. They complain about the heavy fines they could incur if they so much as touch a banknote that smells of pot. This has caused Walgreen, CVS and Rite Aid to stay clear, but it has left the field wide open for new entrants.

Pot Leaf

Pot Leaf Symbol: Kids Can Detect Medibles

Pot leaf symbol: Could it be used as a label to warn children not to consume medibles?Colorado hopes so. Dispensaries are required to provide patients and recreational users with childproof labeling and packaging upon checkout. The reason for this is quite obvious: to prevent children from accidentally eating these enticing treats, and, consequently, getting high.