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Texas Legislature to Consider MMJ Bill

Texas Legislature to Consider MMJ Bill

Texas is one of many states that will be considering marijuana reform this coming legislative session. Earlier in December, a bill aimed at decriminalizing marijuana was introduced to the Texas legislature; and now even more waves are being made.

Mysterious Masked Men Raiding California Cannabis Crops

Every cannabis user at some point in their life has had the fear that at any moment, men in black helicopters would descend from the sky with guns drawn; ready to take your cannabis, take you to jail, or worse. For marijuana cultivator Susan Schindler, the fear of masked men in helicopters has become a

AmeriCann Provides $1,000,000 Loan and Consulting for Colorado Cannabis Dispensary

DENVER, Sept. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — AmeriCann, Inc. (ACAN OTCQB), a company that specializes in the designing, building and financing of cannabis cultivation facilities, has provided a $1,000,000 secured loan to Nature’s Own Wellness Center, a Colorado licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

SEC warns investors about marijuana-related investments – Investment Executive

Following its transfer to droop a fifth microcap firm that claims to be engaged within the rising marijuana business, U.S. securities regulators issued a warning to investors about the danger of fraud within the area. Proper information regarding trade within the marijuana sector may be withheld from hungry investors, the SEC warns. VIEW FULL ARTICLE

Colorado Cannabis Billionaire

Colorado Trumps Washington on Recreational Cannabis, For Now

Recreational marijuana goes beyond just regulating of weed like alcohol. It’s all about business. Colorado and Washington, the two states who have recently OK’d recreational cannabis, are going about the implementation process in very different ways. So far, Colorado takes the lead for yielding the most tax dollars.