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Oklahoma Has Signatures to Proceed With Medical Marijuana Ballot Question

Oklahoma Has Signatures to Proceed With Medical Marijuana Ballot Question

Advocates of legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma have collected enough signatures to move forward in a process that could eventually bring the issue to a vote, according to KFOR.com. Supporters needed 66,000 signatures to begin the process of getting State Question 788 on the ballot. They collected 67,761 signatures.

MI Legalize

Michigan Group Argues For Ballot Question on Pot Legalization

MI Legalize is arguing a question about pot legalization should appear on Michigan’s November ballot, despite the state’s claim that some of the group’s petition signatures are out of date, according to an Aug. 7, 2016, article at Michigan Radio. State law requires signatures on petitions for ballot questions to be no older than 180 days, but some on this petition are.


Massachusetts Legalization Debate Centers on Edibles

As Massachusetts residents mull their upcoming votes on a November ballot question that could legalize recreational marijuana, the public debate is centering on edibles. A group of Massachusetts state senators recently took a trip to Colorado, where marijuana edibles that look like gummy bears, fruits and animals have been outlawed.


Study Says Recreational Pot in Arizona Will Bring $82 Million in Taxes

A new study says Arizonans would spend about $500 million on marijuana if it is legalized for recreational use, according to a Capitol Media Services report at Tucson.com. That would generate about $82 million in taxes for Arizona each year.


Newsom Says Pot Legalization in California ‘Not a Done Deal’

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is telling supporters of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act legalization is not a sure thing. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is expected soon to be set for November’s ballot, but Newsom, speaking to the National Cannabis Industry Association’s convention in Oakland, Calif., on June 21, 2016, said that does not guarantee its passage.

New Jersey

New Jersey Lawmaker Wants to Allow Marijuana in Atlantic City

Reed Gusciora, an assemblyman in New Jersey, wants to allow marijuana in Atlantic City, according to a June 15, 2016, article at NJ.com. Gusciora’s bill will ask lawmakers to place a question on November’s ballot, which would ask voters if people who are 21 years of age and older should be allowed to grow, sell and consume marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Could be Heading For The Missouri Ballot

Twice this year, Missouri legislators have voted against medical marijuana, but now a legalization measure could appear on the state’s ballot in November. A spokesman for New Approach Missouri, a group pushing the medical marijuana legalization effort, said his organization has collected enough signatures to get the issue on the November ballot.


ResponsibleOhio Campaign Accused of Initiating a Growers’ Monopoly

Political consultant Ian James gathered enough signatures for his name to appear on Ohio’s November ballot for a state initiative to legalize marijuana. A lawyer helped him draft the constitutional amendment, which states only 10 growers would be allowed to supply Ohio’s cannabis market on 10 specific land parcels.