The Herbal Companion (THC) Home Extraction Device Ships at $42 off for 4/20 Delivery


LONGMONT, Colo., Feb. 23, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The Herbal Companion, LLC, based in Longmont, Colorado, is bringing the world’s first home extraction device, ‘The Source’, to the marijuana market at a special price for delivery by 4/20.

The Source is a kitchen-top appliance that extracts essential oils from organic matter at food-grade levels, suitable for recreational or medical purposes.

“It’s incredibly simple and unlike butane extraction, 100% safe and legal here in Colorado,” explained THC President Jon Rice. “You simply place your herb into the vacuum-sealed chamber along with some grain alcohol. It’s a totally closed-loop system - no naked flames, no vapors or odors. A patented process extracts oil from the plant - anything from lavender for aromatherapy to concentrated Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from cannabis plants.”

Although developed primarily for the aromatherapist and naturopath, the appliance - which is controlled via a simple phone app - has proved a big hit with the marijuana business.

“We’ve found that a lot of cannabis consumers are not hippies and stoners,” continued Rice. “They’re doctors, lawyers, medical patients - and sometimes they’re intimidated or embarrassed about visiting a head shop. Now that growing a small quantity of plants at your home in Colorado is legal, these people can carefully control what goes into their edibles or vapes, without the perceived stigma of visiting a dispensary.”

The Source was developed to reduce the evaporation of desirable essential oils by keeping internal temperatures significantly below the 173F boiling point at which traditional extraction methods have operated. The lower temperature yields up to twice the essential oil of comparable industrial processes, while virtually eliminating the risk associated with open systems and allowing for re-use of the grain alcohol. The process takes about two hours on average, and doesn’t require human intervention.

“Our test consumers have reported outstanding quality, and they’re already developing recipes that we’ll be sharing on our website,” said Rice. “We’re hoping that an entire community will grow around this revolution in home cannabis, sharing ideas and innovations so that the marijuana consumer has unprecedented choice and confidence in the products they enjoy.”

As for the 4/20 special offer, Rice chuckled. “We’re booked out on shipping our first devices until almost the end of March, so we figured that if people order by March 13 we’ll ship them out on April 13 in time for them to enjoy The Source on this ‘National Holiday’. It just seemed a fun way to get the word out about this alternative application for our home extraction device!”

The Source is available at and to order at the special price, buyers can use the coupon code ‘nationalholiday’.

About The Source
The Source is a safe, clean, kitchen-safe appliance that uses vacuum and gentle warming to extract and concentrate essential oils. The process is controlled with a Android or iOS application, or manually. Throughout the process, most of the alcohol is recovered and can be reused. Due to being fully enclosed, there is low to no odor involved in the process. The Source is a legally-conforming extraction device in the State of Colorado, where some of the strictest butane extraction prohibition laws are in place.


For more information, contact Jon Rice at The Herbal Companion:
[email protected]

(720) 231-6317


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