First Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensary Holds Grand Opening

First Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensary Holds Grand Opening

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The Keystone State’s first cultivator was greenlit this past October and while Gov. Tom Wolf announced that the first Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary had been approved to start serving patients on Jan. 4, 2018, the dispensary wasn’t quite ready to open its doors until recently.

On Jan. 17, Keystone Canna Remedies, based in Bethlehem, held its grand opening, as reported by NBC10 Philadelphia.

According to Lehigh Valley Live, the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce organized the grand opening, which was jam-packed with attendees, including Acting Health Secretary and Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine who spoke to the crowd.

“I am honored to be here at the first dispensary in Pennsylvania to be deemed operational for medical marijuana, which is very exciting, right here in the Lehigh Valley,” Levine said. “So today we are one step closer to getting medical marijuana to patients who desperately need it.”

Having been founded by Victor Guadagnino Jr., his father Dr. Victor Guadagnino Sr., a cardiologist, and his aunt Joan Guadagnino, Keystone Canna Remedies is a family-run operation with a patient-focused approach.

“We want to be comforting and we can’t lose sight of the fact that these patients are seeking relief. And that’s one thing that we find unique to cannabis, or medical marijuana, is that it activates the patient and we want to encourage that because it’s very important for medical marijuana to find your dose,” said Victor Guadagnino Jr. “They need to have an active role, work with the patient and the physician. We’re not an alternative medicine. We take an integrative approach.”

While the first Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary has opened its doors, it won’t have products available for patients to purchase for at least another month.

“We’ll be opening for educational workshops until February,” Victor Guadagnino Jr. added. “Mid-February is what we’re hearing is when medicine will be available from the grower/processors.”

According to, Cresco Yeltrah, the state’s first operational cultivator, will harvest its first crop at the end of January, with final products ready to ship on Feb. 11 to Keystone Canna Remedies, and any other dispensaries that the state has approved by shipping time.

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