Hawaii Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Could Pull in $38 Million in First Year


A report from the Hawaii Dispensary Alliance says the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries could produce revenues between $12 million and $38 million during their first year of operation, according to an Associated Press article appearing on several Hawaiian news media websites.

In April 2016, the Hawaiian Department of Health selected eight businesses to run medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. The dispensaries’ opening dates are anticipated to be later this year or early in 2017.

The Hawaii Dispensary Alliance’s report predicts the number of registered medical marijuana patients in the state will grow from about 14,000 now to somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 by 2018. Dispensaries could bring in $80.5 million that year.

The alliance report concludes by saying in part, “The Hawaii Dispensary Alliance believes that the best way forward is through the creation of a dynamic, creative, regenerative, local, world-class medical marijuana economy here in Hawaii.… Together, Hawaii’s community can build this industry right the first time—creating great medicine, good jobs, and a brighter future for all of Hawaii.”

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