HerbFront, Inc.

HerbFront, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois: Predictive Mapping for Legalized Cannabis


URL: https://www.herbfront.com/
Founded: 2014
Employees: 8
Company Stage: Early Growth & Financing
Investor Relations Contact:
Nathan Glaisner, Co-founder
(414) 331-6827
[email protected]

Twitter: HerbFront
Facebook: HerbFront
LinkedIn: HerbFront
YouTube: HerbFront


Management Team:
Matt Chapdelaine, Co-founder and Director of Business Development
Dennis O’Connell, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Alan O’Connell, Co-founder and Director of Mapping and Zoning
Nathan Glaisner, Co-founder and Director of Sales


Company Overview
HerbFront is a real estate platform devoted exclusively to the legal cannabis market and zoning research. Through its HerbFront Real Estate Advisors Network, it provides predictive mapping for potential legal cannabis properties.



Revenue Driver: Partnered with HerbFront Real Estate Advisors Network and listing/search platform.

Competitors: The principals do not believe that they have any competitors.

Competitive Advantage: Predictive Mapping Technology for legalized cannabis using its own proprietary zoning and mapping software.

Business Model: The company will harness its HerbFront Real Estate Advisors Network, a collection of real estate brokers who will be given access to HerbFront’s proprietary mapping technology which will help them pinpoint suitable properties for the legalized cannabis industry.

Funding: Self-funded, looking for seed round investment.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: Database of HerbFront Real Estate Advisors Network: weekly calls, daily webcast, conferences, national and state based marketing.

Customers: Commercial real estate and cannabis communities.

Target Market: First, recreational and medical states. Second, nationwide.

Products: Predictive mapping technology

Customer Problem: There is as yet no real estate platform for the cannabis industry to help parties maneuver through the zoning laws.


Matt Chapdelaine and Nathan Glaisner each have a commercial real estate background. Dennis O’Connell’s background is in web development, consulting, and aerospace engineering. Alan O’Connell comes from urban planning and zoning.

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