Illinois Parents Sue School District to Let Daughter Use Medical Marijuana

Illinois Parents Sue School District to Let Daughter Use Medical Marijuana

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In the state of Illinois, the parents of an 11-year-old girl are suing their school district for their child to have the right to use medical marijuana on school grounds.

Although medical marijuana is legal in Illinois, like most states there is an extensive list of where medical marijuana cannot be used, including public schools.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the girl in question has been diagnosed with leukemia and suffers from seizure disorders and epilepsy as a result of the chemotherapy used to treat her illness. In order to ameliorate her condition, the girl wears a small patch on her foot which contains small amounts of THC.

In the anonymous suit, the girl’s parents are suing both the school district, Schaumburg School District 54, as well the state of Illinois for banning the use of medical marijuana in public schools.

The girls parents claim that her seizures can happen at any time, including during school, and that by denying her immediate access to medical marijuana, the school district is denying her the ability to enjoy the opportunities offered by the school district programs and services.

The parents of the young girl are seeking a temporary injunction to allow the girl to use medical marijuana, which their lawyer contends “will cause no harm to anyone,” while the case is still being decided.

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