Denver, Colorado: Reputation Management for Cannabis Professionals

URL: https://leaflist.com/
Founded: 2015
Employees: 2
Company Stage: Early Growth & User Acquisition
Investor Relations Contact:
Mike Bologna
(203) 814-0716
[email protected]



Management Team:
Mike Bologna, CEO and Director of Software
Jeffrey M. Zucker, President and Director of Marketing


LeafList is a reputation and network management tool for cannabis professionals. It is an invite-only membership platform that seeks to elevate cannabis industry members with pristine reputations and strong backgrounds while supporting sustainable business practices. Unlike on other social platforms, LeafList members are encouraged to only connect with other members they know personally, have worked with, and would recommend to other colleagues. As a result, strength of network is one of the many objective data points used to calculate a member’s rating.



Revenue Driver: Partnerships with industry groups for referrals; eventually aggregate data of industry constitution and trends.

Competitors: The principals do not believe that they have any competitors.

Competitive Advantage: Proprietary rating algorithm, first mover in acquiring the leading industry professionals and critical mass of user base.

Business Model: Acquisition of targeted, key users to ensure legitimacy of site. Expand site functionality to increase value proposition beyond rating system.

Funding: Self-funded.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: Increase public use of rating system to push users to the site trying to differentiate themselves by improving their public reputation.

Customers: Established professionals within the cannabis industry.

Target Market: Any individual or company working within cannabis with the intent to have a public and well respected reputation.

Products: Reputation and network management.

Customer Problem: There are significant risks operating within this industry, there is a need to mitigate risk of working with unknown entities.


Mike Bologna has a background in tech consulting, allowing LeafList to scale with minimal growing pains and keeping development cycles as inexpensive and clean as possible.

Jeffrey M. Zucker has many years of brand management and marketing experience through various entrepreneurial exploits.

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