Oregon’s Adults Love Marijuana and Prefer Smoking It


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The Oregon Health Authority recently released its January 2016 review of marijuana consumption in the state. The review, “Marijuana Report: Marijuana use, attitudes and health effects in Oregon,” is a 70-page document that covers the behaviors, knowledge and attitudes of youth and adult use, as well as public health and social consequences for the state.

Beyond documenting the public health effects of marijuana, the report’s initial data is meant to create a baseline for tracking trends over time, which is intelligence that current and potential market entrants can harness to make informed decisions in the legal marijuana industry.


Standard Kids

With one in 10 eighth-graders and one in five 11th-graders reporting current marijuana use in 2015, the OHA found that the state’s numbers on youth marijuana use are comparable to national patterns. However, the OHA noted that youth prevention programs could be needed, as 62 percent of 11th-graders reported having easy access to marijuana.


Above Average Adults

While Oregon’s numbers on youth marijuana use are comparable to the rest of the country, the state’s numbers on adult marijuana use are higher than national patterns. Forty-eight percent of adults in Oregon reported having tried marijuana, and one in 10 adults reported that they currently use marijuana. More men reported using marijuana than women, at 14 percent and 8 percent, respectively. Young adults, 18-24 years old, reported the highest rates of use.


Lighters Needed

Marijuana is versatile as far as methods by which it can be consumed. While vaping seems to be gaining a foothold in the legal market, numbers show it is not the most popular method of marijuana consumption in Oregon.

For the purposes of the OHA’s review, adults who used marijuana within the one-month reporting period were asked, “How did you use marijuana in the past 30 days?”

With 89 percent of current marijuana users reporting that they had smoked the substance, smoking trumped all other consumption methods. Edibles ranked second, with 27 percent of current users reporting that they had opted for edibles. At 14 percent, vaping came in next to last, and drinking marijuana beverages came in last at 4 percent.

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