Marijuana 101

Welcome to Marijuana 101 by MJINews. Marijuana 101 is a series of articles intended to educate potential investors and entrepreneurs in the basics of cannabis. Marijuana 101’s objective is to give you practical plant knowledge so you can better navigate the legal marijuana industry’s investment landscape.




History – Cannabis was around long before anyone decided to profit from it.

Family – Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis are not the three wise men, but they bear gifts.

Anatomy – Know the parts of the plant so you aren’t tricked into smoking stems.

Chemical Compounds – The chemicals in cannabis go beyond abbreviations.

Cultivation Methods – If grow-ops aren’t in basements, where are they and why?

Cultural Lexicon – Cannabis culture has its own vernacular so watch what you say.

Cultural Icons – Meet the people historically associated with cannabis.

Legal Distributors – The methods of distribution define where you can buy.

Consumption Methods – Learn the many ways to consume cannabis.

Popular Strains – Which strains are most popular and why?