Marijuana Company of America Transitions From the Development Stage to a Revenue Generating Company

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BONSALL, Calif., Nov. 17, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA INC., (“MCOA” or the “Company”) (OTC: MCOA), an innovative cannabis and hemp development and distribution company, is pleased to announce that after many months of research and product development and business planning, MCOA has now commenced generating revenue and started to ship orders for its hempSMART BRAIN product.

Donald Steinberg, the Company’s CEO, remarked: “Reporting revenue results to our current and prospective shareholders is an important step as the company continues to expand its footprint across America. Now that we have laid the groundwork for our affiliate program in the U.S., MCOA’s goal is to utilize its global contacts and networks to begin to expand the hempSMART brand in other countries. In the past, I have developed one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world, with offices in over 50 countries and an affiliate base of over 100,000 members. I will leverage that experience as we expand the hempSMART brand.”

Tim Altvater, the Company’s marketing director, commented “The hempSMART product roll- out is a marketer’s dream come true – especially for those of us in the direct sales industry. Now we can focus on the growth of our affiliate network as people begin to use and share their experiences with hempSMART Brain and the benefits of the hempSMART compensation and rewards program. The ability for entrepreneurs to represent the highest quality products, backed by science, to consumers that are in need and seeking them is the driver for our industry’s continued growth and appeal. We’re poised to see unprecedented growth as we finish 2016 strong!”

The Company’s inaugural product, hempSMART Brain, is formulated with CBD or Cannabidiol as the core ingredient combined with high quality branded ingredients to compliment the CBD to support brain health. hempSMART BRAIN is formulated to meet the growing demand for neutraceutical products that assist in brain function. This is a first-of-its-kind product with a synergistic blend of natural brain support ingredients, blended with water soluble CBD to provide optimal bio availability for brain support and protection.

Investors are invited to visit the MCOA IR Hub on Agoracom to post questions and receive answers, or review questions and answers already posted by fellow investors. In addition, the MCOA IR HUB provides a monitored forum for investors and prospective shareholders

to communicate within a clean, professional environment. Investors can also visit Uptick

Newswire’s MCOA Investor Central to learn more about the Company.

Investor Relations 888-777-4362

About Marijuana Company of America Inc.
Marijuana Company of America (“MCOA”) is a publicly traded company headquartered in Southern California. MCOA will distribute marijuana and products related to marijuana as well as CBD and hemp, using a variety of marketing approaches to distribute on a global basis.

About hempSMART
The hempSMART brand represents MCOA’s non-THC, hemp derived, product line. All hempSMART products are formulated with a cannabinoid base that is derived from hemp and has less than a .3% THC content.

About Club Harmoneous
Club Harmoneous (The Club) delivers all of the benefits of cannabis to its members harmoneously. The Club provides a wide range of cannabis products to its members, medicinal, adult use or healthy foods, body care and cosmetics. The Club products are top- quality and offered to members at competitive prices with the convenience of home delivery.

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Marijuana Company of America Inc. will provide management services that assist legal businesses to cultivate, sell, and distribute hemp and marijuana based products within the legal guidelines of individual states and international markets. hempSMART products are derived from Hemp and contain than a .3% THC content.

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