Marijuana Control Board Issues Statement Regarding Onsite Consumption of Marijuana


ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, Feb. 9, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — This release is a clarification of onsite consumption of marijuana products per the Marijuana Control Board’s meeting February 2.  Their decision yesterday on relevant proposed regulations does not preclude the board from approving operating plans including onsite consumption; it merely ceased the current proposal to clarify those standards in regulation at this time.

Existing regulations allow onsite consumption if authorized by the board:
3 AAC 306.305. Retail marijuana store privileges (a)(4) A licensed retail marijuana store is authorized to, with prior approval of the board, permit consumption of marijuana or a marijuana product purchased on the licensed premises, in a designated area on the licensed premises.

Licensed retailers that want to allow onsite consumption in a designated area of the premises are encouraged to submit Form MJ-15 Operating Plan Change and related documents for board review.  These documents are currently available on the board’s web site at

Retail store licensees that have board-approved onsite consumption operating plans may allow customers to consume products purchased on site per 3 AAC 306.305(a)(4).

Due to call volume, applicants with questions regarding the licensing process should be submitted via email to to expedite a response.

Sara Chambers
Acting Division Director (fastest method for response)
Or via DCCED at 907-465-2500

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