Minnesota Investigating Vireo Health in Possible Smuggling Scheme

Vireo Health Smuggling

According to Lohud.com, recent court records show that Vireo Health, parent company of Minnesota Medical Solutions and Vireo Health New York, has been accused of illegally taking approximately $500,000 of medical cannabis oil from Minnesota and smuggling it into New York.

One of Vireo Health’s former employees reported the supposed smuggling scheme, claiming that an official with the company used Vireo Health’s armored vehicle to transport cannabis oil from Minnesota to New York because the company was having trouble meeting one of New York’s medical marijuana program deadlines this past January. Minnesota’s investigation began on April 21.

Vireo Health claims that the cannabis oil in question was actually destroyed and has disputed the former employee’s accusation.

“These claims were the impetus for the state investigation, and we are confident the claims relied upon by regulatory authorities to begin the investigation will be found to be false,” wrote Vireo Health in an email to Lohud.com. “We will continue to work with authorities to bring this matter to a close as soon as possible.”

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