Organization in Ohio Is the New Holder of a DEA Marijuana Research License

Organization in Ohio Is the New Holder of a DEA Marijuana Research License


While the United States Drug Enforcement Agency’s marijuana research license isn’t awarded lightly, an Ohio-based organization was recently awarded a Schedule I Researcher license by the DEA to study the effects of marijuana.

On Oct. 31, 2017, Battelle, a non-profit research and development organization, announced that it had received a marijuana research license to study the behavioral and physical effects of marijuana consumption on human subjects, making it one of the few non-University holders of such a license.

“Marijuana use continues to increase among adults in the U.S., and there is a critical need for reliable research on its behavioral and physical effects,” said Erica Peters, Director of Battelle’s marijuana research program, in a press release. “This new research license will allow us to better understand marijuana use and its impact on health.”

The National Institute on Drug Abuse will supply Battelle with marijuana that has been grown by the University of Mississippi, the only DEA-approved cultivator of marijuana in the U.S. While the DEA denied a petition in 2016 to reschedule marijuana, it followed that decision with the announcement that it was going to increase the number of DEA-approved cultivators for marijuana research; however, the DEA has yet to name any new cultivators.

Battelle, an organization that has studied tobacco for more than 50 years, will initially conduct research to determine if there is a link between tobacco and marijuana use and how people use tobacco products, such as blunt wraps, to consume marijuana.

This past summer Battelle announced that it would be researching opioids and marijuana in an attempt to discern potential usage patterns and trends.

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