Riding High in Bridgetown: Portland Approves Marijuana Couriers

Riding High in Bridgetown: Portland Approves Marijuana Couriers

Flickr / Sean Davis / CC BY-ND 2.0

On Dec. 22, 2016, Oregon’s Portland City Council voted unanimously to amend its marijuana business regulations, creating a license for marijuana retail couriers, as reported by OregonLive.com.

According to the amended ordinance, “The regulated marijuana industry has not been accessible to microbusiness entrepreneurs because of the capital investment required to start a business,” prompting the city to approve licenses for marijuana retail couriers as a means of increasing opportunities for market entry.

The application fee is $750 and the license fee is $3,500. Licensed marijuana retail couriers can produce marijuana, edibles, extracts and concentrates, but sales are required to take place through off-site delivery.

Potential applicants need a retail license from the OLCC in order to be eligible for Portland’s marijuana retail courier license; the city’s licensed couriers also need the OLCC’s approval before deliveries can commence, as indicated in the Oregon Administrative Rules for Recreational Marijuana.

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