Scientists Develop Method to Accurately Measure Cannabinoids in Edibles


On March 15, 2016, the American Chemical Society announced that scientists have developed a new technique to more accurately measure cannabinoids in cannabis-infused edibles, including gummy bears, brownies and cookies, as well as certain topical lotions.

“Producers of cannabis edibles complain that if they send off their product to three different labs for analysis, they get three different results,” said Melissa Wilcox, Global Marketing Manager at Grace Discovery Sciences.

By using automated flash column chromatography, the scientists have found that they are able to isolate the cannabinoids from other interfering compounds—fat, sugar, salts, etc.—to more accurately measure cannabis-infused edibles.

“The point of our work is to create a solid method that will accurately and reliably measure the cannabis content in these products,” Wilcox said.

The preliminary results are still being evaluated and the scientists are determining whether this technique will work for analyzing other cannabis-infused foods and drinks.

Grace Discovery Sciences’ research on automated flash column chromatography was presented on March 16 at the 251st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society in San Diego.

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