Sound CO2

Sound CO2


Seattle, Washington: Biotechnology company specializing in extraction and production of top-quality CO2 extracts for O.penVAPE in Washington state


Founded: 2013
Employees: 9
Company Stage: Emerging
Investor Relations Contact:
Klaas Hesselink, CEO
[email protected]



Klaas Hesselink, CEO


Sound CO2 was a first-mover in laboratory testing for dispensaries, which makes a marked difference in the quality control of its products. The company is in the business of extraction, which it has refined over the course of years through ongoing investments in research and development.



Primary revenue driver: Top-line specialty and hydrocarbon extraction services and premium oils to best serve dispensaries and medical marijuana patients.

Competitive advantage: Sound CO2 finds distinction in the cannabis industry with strong partnerships along the value chain and the highest-quality extraction services. The company has an in-house testing facility, Cannatest, and a refined recipe process in order to ensure the best cannabinoid profile in every instance. This enables Sound CO2 to deliver consistency that similar extraction companies cannot ensure.

Business model: Currently in Washington state exclusively, Sound CO2 is helping companies with extractions. It has built strong brand recognition locally due to loyal customers and word-of-mouth that fosters close partnerships. Along with organic growth and continued dedication to best lab practices, Sound CO2 is poised for product and regional expansion.

Sales/marketing strategy: Currently fostering strong partnerships with dispensaries in Washington state and focusing advertising efforts on culture magazines and product demonstrations, along with continued word of mouth. Sound CO2 works closely with companies to ensure its product is best meeting the demands of the end users.

Customers: Optimal patient experience is contingent on accurate dosage and consistent delivery, but accuracy and consistency are often lacking. Using a proprietary analysis procedure, Hesselink set out to develop consistent, reliable, safe products by employing best practices along the value chain, from growers and R&D to customer-facing products. Sound CO2 customers include dispensaries/retailers, product partners and end users.

Target Market: O.penVAPE pens are discreet, which attracts end users that span demographic lines; Sound CO2 recognizes that the need for consistent, quality products is widespread, not limited.

Customer Problem: The biggest hurdle is education of the customer, especially as more products are introduced to the market. End users do not always have reliable or sufficient information to make a truly informed decision, but this is expected to change as word of mouth increases.


Klaas Hesselink is the CEO and co-founder of Cannatest and Sound CO2 / Sound Extracts. He is an innovator in the emerging U.S. industry, addressing the unique challenges associated with serving the needs of patients who are prescribed medical marijuana. Hesselink has leveraged his experience in business development coaching and his deep understanding of the unique challenges in medical marijuana to best serve market participants and end users alike.



Sound CO2 has built a solid reputation in Washington by fostering loyal partnership in the industry; this web of partnerships is expanding.

Sound CO2 is beginning to expand its offering by working with companies that do powder forms.

Current R&D efforts are focusing on THC concentrates designed for animal companies, to assist in rescue efforts.

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