Stink Sack

Stink Sack

By Kennedy Weible

Quark Distribution Inc., dba Stink Sack

New York, New York: Child resistant, smell-proof bags for edibles and flowers


Founded: 2010
Employees: 4
Twitter: stinksack
Facebook: Stink Sack
Investor Relations Contact:
David Friedman, CFO
[email protected]


Ross Kirsh, President
David Friedman, CFO



Founded in 2010 by Ross Kirsh, who previously worked in China in manufacturing and New York in finance, Stink Sack began manufacturing smell-proof bags for cannabis and cannabis products. In late 2013 Stink Sack developed a child-resistant version of its product to serve as an exit package for grow houses and dispensaries in Colorado, in compliance with state laws. Stink Sack boasts products in over 200 dispensaries across Colorado and over 600 stores across the U.S., including Spencer’s Gifts.



Revenue Driver: Child-resistant and smell-proof cannabis storage bags.

Competitors: FunkSac, The Alison Group, LokSak.

Competitive Advantage: Retail presence as well as dispensary/growhouse presence. President’s background in manufacturing. First to market in Colorado.

Business Model: Pipeline distribution and online retail.

Funding: Self-funded at first, received funding from The ArcView Group, currently seeking additional funding.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: Positioning as market leader.

Customers: Dispensaries and grow houses that need exit packages and individuals who want a lower profile in the smell department.

Target Market: Dispensaries and grow houses in states with new cannabis legalization laws.

Products: Child-resistant and smell-proof cannabis containers.

Customer Problem: Growing number of similar products.


Ross Kirsh, President, has more than 10 years of experience in production management and sales. A veteran of both the international business and finance industries, Ross founded Stink Sack in 2010 after recognizing the need for safe, scent-proof and high-quality storage solutions in the cannabis industry. Four years later, the company now offers both a retail line of cannabis storage bags and a line of certified child-resistant bags, which are the first bags designed specifically for the cannabis industry that meet the strict regulatory requirements set forth by Colorado, Washington state and Canada.


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