Stoned Pets Head to Veterinarians After Pilfering Marijuana Edibles

stoned pets

Now that marijuana is legal in states like Oregon, pets are finding human pot products and getting stoned, according to an Oct. 28, 2016, article in The Washington Post.

Veterinarians have noticed the trend. DoveLewis, an emergency veterinarian clinic in Portland, Ore., saw a 63 percent increase in pets with toxic marijuana levels during the year after pot was legalized in the state.

During the past five years, as more states have legalized either recreational or medical marijuana, pot consumption by pets has led to a 330 percent increase in marijuana-related calls to the Minnesota-based Pet Poison Helpline. Ahna Brutlag, the helpline’s associate director, said two-thirds of the calls relate to marijuana edibles, and the majority of the pets involved are dogs.

VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists, located in a Portland, Ore., suburb, treats a few stoned pets each week.

“Dogs used to kind of chew on the stash growing in the basement. Now they’re finding a big bag of gummy bears,” Heidi Houchen, a veterinarian at VCA Northwest, said. “Dogs are Hoovers. Dogs are the rock eaters.”

Fortunately, these pet stoners rarely die from their indulgence.

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