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New York Banks

New York Banks Warily Eye Cannabusiness

New York Banks Warily Eye Cannabusiness

With the advent of a legal medical marijuana business in the state of New York, the pressure is on to pass federal reform. Legalization of the medical market here has forced the banking issue into the spotlight of legalization like no other.


Ahead of the Curve: Could Vermont’s Legislature Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

When it comes to all things cannabis, there have been a couple of surprises of late on the East Coast, despite or perhaps because of the prevailing winds of regulation and legalization in California.

Maryland Market

State Market Analysis: Is the Maryland Market the ‘Next Big Thing’?

While enormous fanfare currently surrounds hot and developing marijuana markets already in play, like Oregon, Nevada, New York and California, East-coaster Maryland has begun to come into its own a bit more quietly.

California Regulations

Legislative Reaction: Industry Responds to New California Regulations

In what most are calling a landmark development not only for state regulation of the industry but for its potential impact on the national debate, lawmakers in California passed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act on September 11, 2015.

Patient Data

Massachusetts Dispensary Accidentally Shares Patient Emails

Salem’s Alternative Therapies Group, a state-licensed dispensary, sent an email addressed to “Dear Patient” to 157 email addresses. The recipient patients were all visible to each other because they had been carbon copied.


Does American Legalization Challenge Mexican Cartels?

One of the ongoing rationalizations for the legalization of the drug trade in the United States has been to stop the associated crime that comes with prohibition. The drug trade across the Mexican border is one of the bloodiest on a regular basis.