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Denver Issues Rules for Social Marijuana Use

Denver Issues Rules for Social Marijuana Use

Denver Issues Rules for Social Marijuana Use

On June 30, 2017, Denver’s licensing officials released final rules regulating the city’s pilot program to allow social marijuana use within city limits.

NFLPA Pursuing 'Less Punitive' Marijuana Policy Despite Spicer's Comments

NFLPA Pursuing ‘Less Punitive’ Marijuana Policy Despite Spicer’s Comments

The NFL Players Association will continue to pursue a “less punitive” marijuana policy despite the recent comments from White House press secretary Sean Spicer indicating that the Trump administration will increase its enforcement of federal marijuana laws.

New Rule Limits Marijuana Social Use in Denver

New Rule Limits Marijuana Social Use in Denver

On Nov. 18, 2016, the Colorado Department of Revenue announced a new rule that would prevent holders of liquor licenses from allowing on-site use of marijuana, striking a blow to supporters Initiative 300, a ballot measure allowing the social use of marijuana in Denver.

Colorado Marijuana Sales Surged to $122 Million in July

Colorado Marijuana Sales Surged to $122 Million in July

In the state of Colorado, retail marijuana sales have reached an all time high. According to The Denver Post, the legal marijuana industry brought in more than $122 million in revenue for the month of July, representing a 27 percent increase from the previous year.

Saturated Market

Denver Explores Measures to Control Saturated Cannabis Markets

A new proposal to create citywide caps on stores and grow houses will be introduced to the Denver City Council on April 11, 2016, reports The Denver Post. The bill was created as part of an effort to control the city’s saturated cannabis markets.


Melanie Griffith’s Pot Movie Isn’t About Pot, Film Commissioner Says

Actress Melanie Griffith is set to return to the silver screen in “Miss Cannabis,” a movie about a wealthy woman who loses her riches to swindlers and moves onto a medical marijuana farm.


Marijuana Manners: Etiquette from Emily Post’s Great-Granddaughter

The unspoken rules of the “puff, puff, pass” ritual — including all of the steps it takes to toke up — are obvious to those who already partake. But for those just now starting to explore the world of cannabis, there’s a lot to learn.

DANK Becomes Nation’s First Marijuana Company to Launch Ad Campaign with a Major American Newspaper

DENVER, Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Kush Bottles, North America’s premier supplier of child-resistant packaging and branding solutions for the marijuana industry, announced today that their Colorado partner will be the first marijuana based company in the nation to advertise on the front page of a major American metropolitan newspaper’s website.


Bankruptcy Case Reveals Federal Inequities

It takes a lot of guts to start your own business. There are innumerable challenges you will have to face as a business owner, not to mention the consequences of failing. Luckily, in the United States, if your business fails and you cannot pay your bills you can declare bankruptcy.


Cannabis Should Mean More than Taxes

$3,098,866,907 – that’s a lot of bread. In fact, that figure is more than twice as much as the entire 2013 budget for the Small Business Administration, according to NerdWallet. That $3 billion figure came from a study conducted by the aforementioned personal finance site; $3 billion represents the amount of revenue the United States would see from taxes every year if marijuana were legalized throughout the country.


Colorado Closing Caregiver Loophole?

On September 16, 2014, the Colorado Board of Health will convene a public hearing on a proposed change to Colorado’s medical marijuana caregiver laws. Under current laws, caregivers are allowed up to five patients; however, if caregivers can get a special waiver, they can serve more.

Mental Maze

Leafly’s Strain Reviews for Mental Illnesses

As a marijuana resource site, Leafly allows users to review strains of marijuana; part of the review process allows users to select medical conditions and symptoms they believe a strain can treat, as well as allowing them to add their own medical conditions and symptoms they believe are treatable with specific strains.


Colorado’s Cannabis Attracts Homeless

There have been a lot of projections about the effects of legalizing cannabis. Proponents predicted that it would boost the economy, create jobs and lower crime. Opponents predicted rampant crime, drug addiction and the utter ruin of the American family (or something to that effect). Yet with all of those predictions and accusations, there was one impact few experts saw coming: an increase in the homeless population.

Tax Wrench

Tax Burden for Canna-businesses

The IRS problems faced by marijuana businesses can really only be solved one way: by changing the classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug under federal law. Doing so will unbind the hands of the IRS to relax their penalties, and it may make it easier for businesses to work with banks.


Marijuana & Athletes: Does Weed Help?

Marijuana goes by many names besides those used on the street. It is called medicine by those who swear by its therapeutic effects. It is called safer than alcohol by advocates for recreational use. Now, marijuana is being called a performance-enhancing drug for athletes.


2016 RNC Bid: Is Legal Marijuana Denver’s Elephant in the Room?

There’s no escaping Colorado’s status as the poster child for legal recreational marijuana when visitors come to town, even — or especially — when Denver is trying to sell itself as the perfect site for a national political convention.