Utah Gubernatorial Candidate Calls For Legalizing Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana


Utah’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate called for legalizing medical marijuana after his wife pleaded guilty on Oct. 18, 2016, to misdemeanor possession, according to an Oct. 19, 2016, article at NBCNews.com.

Under current Utah laws, Mike Weinholtz said at a news conference, doctors have only one option for some conditions: opiates. But his wife, Donna Weinholtz, was able to enjoy physical activities after using marijuana to manage pain from arthritis and a degenerative spinal condition.

“What would you do if the person you love most in the world was faced with that decision?” Mike Weinholtz said. “Would you report them to the police? Would you insist they stop and live with pain too severe to sleep at night?”

Donna Weinholtz was charged after federal investigators found two pounds of marijuana in her home.

“I, like many Utahns, made a deliberate and conscious decision to use cannabis knowing full well that it is against the law,” she said. “I have faith the law will change.”

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