This Valentine’s Day, Bud is in the Air

Valentine's Day

By Marisa DeZara

This Valentine’s Day companies have sought to capitalize on love, marijuana and the love of marijuana. A bouquet of flowers is taking on a whole different meaning this year. Forget your typical chocolate and rose combination; you can honor that someone special with an array of various cannabis-themed Valentine’s Day treats, including a bouquet of marijuana “flowers.”

According to CBS DenverThe Perfect Petal, a local florist, is offering its customers the opportunity to purchase bud bouquets for a loved one. For those that want to do away with the typical Valentine’s treat, like chocolate, wine or a teddy bear, adding cannabis to an existing arrangement seems to be a fitting alternative.

“You can’t do a lot because the the smell is so overwhelming. It’s more of a little accent here and there,” Perfect Petal owner, Cindy Ollig, told USA today.

The cost of such a bouquet starts at $55, and The Perfect Petal is taking same-day orders, just in time to surprise your loved one with a pot flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day. However, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only occasion that calls for a bouquet of cannabis. Ollig also told USA Today that she provided marijuana-themed floral arrangements for a wedding this past summer.

If a bud bouquet is not enough to excite your loved one, High Times has a list of the best cannabis-infused treats to give your “stoner someone” this Valentine’s Day. Happy Eatables makes THC-infused boxed chocolates, perfect for gift-giving. In a twist on Mint Meltaways, 2014’s High Times Medical Cannabis Cup winner, G Farma Labs, takes the classic treat to a whole new level by adding 25 milligrams of THC.

There is cannabis oil for those who want to show their loved one some affection with a relaxing massage. Sooth your partners sore muscles and soften their skin with Tree Lotion, a wonderfully scented lotion that uses cannabis kief as its secret ingredient. For the ladies, Foria has created a cannabis-based female lubricant with benefits.

This Valentine’s Day you can add cannabis to the mix from start to finish, but it does not end there. The Curtis Hotel in Denver has a pot-themed package for the stoner couple’s perfect weekend getaway. Although smoking in the room is not allowed, the Valentine’s Day package includes a ride to the dispensary, in-room munchies and a bouquet of Colorado cannabis in lieu of roses, according to Hotel Chatter. Whether The Curtis Hotel’s package is a PR stunt or a genuine stoner accommodation, it hints toward the future allowance of cannabis consumption in hotels.

“We’re a completely non-smoking hotel and do not encourage anybody to smoke inside the hotel,” the Curtis’ director of sales, Kate Thompson, told The Cannabist. “We’ll take you (to the pot shop) and back. But we do not have (a location for people to use the marijuana they’re buying) in the plan.”

If you can keep it legal, Valentine’s Day may be the ultimate holiday celebration of love and cannabis.

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